Over the weekend, Check the Stigma Hockey had a successful event to raise awareness & funds for behavioral health. SquadLocker was happy to provide Check the Stigma with 50 jerseys and socks for the game!

SquadLocker Supports Behavioral Health at the Check the Stigma Hockey...

Providence, RI - On Friday and Saturday, SquadLocker sponsored the Check the Stigma Hockey Classic. The event raises funds and awareness for mental health throughout Rhode Island.

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Shipping Options

Ordering Options to Improve Your Uniform Game

With SquadLocker you’ve got options. You can choose the uniform ordering method that works best for you. We ship uniforms directly to each player or in bulk to one address. Either way, we can help you get uniforms done right and fast. {%...

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The Ultimate Glossary of Terms: Online Custom Apparel

The Ultimate Glossary of Terms: Online Custom Apparel

What, exactly, does that word mean? School administrators, coaches, team managers and others responsible for outfitting students and sports teams are certainly experts in your own field, but maybe not so much when it comes to the lingo of apparel...

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Treat Yourself: 7 items you wish you had gotten for the holiday (but still can!)

Treat Yourself: 7 items you wish you had gotten for the holiday (but...

We call Overtime! The officials here at SquadLocker have whistled up a fresh, new opportunity to get that one thing (or, let’s be honest here, those several things) that no one gifted you this holiday season.

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SquadLocker Releases All Season 2021 Catalog for Custom Sports Apparel

New SquadLocker catalog boosts new sports uniforms, spirit wear, and coaches custom apparel for leagues, teams, and schools prepping for 2021 season

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Group Of Students in School Uniforms - Tips for Picking A School Uniform Provider

How to Choose a School Uniform Provider

The fact that your school requires uniforms demonstrates you care about your brand as well as your students, in the classroom and elsewhere. The source you choose to obtain those uniforms will reflect directly on your school, through the apparel...

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coach of youth sports organization with clipboard

7 Tips for Starting A Youth Sports League in Your Community

If you saw our recent post on finding the best youth sports organizations in your community, you know that there's a lot that goes into a great league. But what if you went through your local leagues and came up empty? If you're truly passionate...

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A Quick Guide to Digital Coupons

Digital Coupons - a Quick Guide for Youth Sports Organizations

One of the many reasons YSO admins love SquadLocker is that we make everything so easy. We know you have a lot of details and a lot of people to juggle, and the last thing you need is more confusion and paperwork just to get your team outfitted in...

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woman holding a credit card online shopping

11 Amazing Black Friday Statistics [New 2020 Data]

The biggest shopping weekend of the year is almost here. Is your SquadLocker online custom apparel store ready?

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Deck Your SquadLocker Store for the Holidays

This holiday season will break all online buying records, however the pandemic is causing a shift toward earlier shopping. Instead of Cyber Week in November, consumers are expected to shop big during Amazon Prime Day on October 13-14.

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3 Main Types of Apparel Decoration & How They Affect Your Gear

Without custom decoration, sports apparel is just clothing. Generic. Uninteresting. Not exactly the image you want to project on or off the field. So, one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make as you select uniforms and spirit wear for...

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7 Tips for Picking the Perfect Spirit Wear

No one knows yet what the coming school year and sports seasons will look like, but one thing’s for sure: they will be way better and a lot more exciting if everyone is outfitted in exceptional spirit wear. After all, we’re all in this together,...

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Creating A Logo From Scratch for Your Team

Designing a Logo You’ll Love from Scratch

Most of the time, our SquadLocker customers have an existing logo they want to use to decorate their sports gear. But, what if you don’t? No sweat. Our crackerjack graphic design team is here to help you create a snappy custom logo from scratch....

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