SquadLocker supports heroes in their communities by simplifying custom apparel

Leagues and schools across the country have changed the way they support inclusion, foster engagement, and delight their community through custom apparel. With whole-school solutions offering dress uniforms, spirit wear, PE uniforms and more, plus League level solutions supporting multiple teams with sports uniforms and team gear - there's an easy and profitable solution for even the most complex apparel needs. SquadLocker gives back time to league and school leaders by streamlining apparel and allows them to better spend their time - strengthening their communities.

Pinewood Preparatory

How Pinewood Prep. Mastered Brand Control + Increased Collaboration

Consistency and control over brand is essential to reflect Pinewood Prep's high-performance standards.

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West Side Youth

How West Side Youth Basketball Received Their Custom Gear In As Fast As 5 Days

West Side Youth Basketball & Cheer was able to find the perfect apparel, modernize their logos, get gear fast, and stay on budget by creating an organization landing page of 40+ apparel stores.

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GPS Wrestling Club

How GPS Wrestling Club Increased Community Engagement

GPS Wrestling strengthened their organization's sense of community through direct-to-athlete spirit wear.

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Broad Run High School

How Broad Run made Brand Management easy

Coaches and teams at Broad Run are able to customize garments and express individual spirit while staying on-brand.

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