SquadLocker Delivers Custom Apparel for West Side Youth Basketball’s 48 Teams in 5 Days

SquadLocker Delivers Custom Apparel for West Side Youth Basketball’s...

SquadLocker releases case study on how West Side Youth Basketball received all gear through the company’s MVP program for 48 teams, including 96 coaches

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Top Picks for Basketball Uniforms

Nifty ball handling, fancy footwork, full-court awareness and defense that just says no to the opposing team. It takes practice to develop basketball skills, but teams need uniforms, too. Uniforms distinguish your team from all others. But which...

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Brands for basketball - Augusta, Under Armour, Holloway

3 Top Selling Uniform Brands For Your Youth Basketball Team

Purchasing team basketball jerseys and shoes can be a challenge for coaches. The coach wants to be cost efficient while getting a reliable product, while players care less about cost and more about what they’ll look like on court. Naturally, it’s...

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5 Creative Design Ideas From Space Jam Jerseys

With the new Space Jam movie inching closer to its 2021 debut, lead Lebron James has revealed the new Tune Squad jersey designs and fans are mixed with emotions.  While in a school environment, we have brand guidelines and color swatches to stay...

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Top 10 NCAA Men's Basketball Uniforms of March Madness 2017

Every year I find myself saying 'those jerseys are sweet' in reference to teams competing in the NCAA March Madness tournament. Although uniforms like UCLA are a classic and will always be among the most visually-appealing, there are some teams...

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Reducing Game Penalties

It’s rare that any sporting game be completely void of penalties or infractions of the rules. While it may be different to completely eliminate game penalties, there are ways to minimize game-day penalties. Let’s take a look at some tactics that can...

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Coaching Tips To Motivate Your Basketball Team

There are many different ways to motivate your basketball team. While some methods may work better than others, finding the best way to motivate your unique team may take some time. Every team is different, there are some tried-and-true methods that...

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Basketball Nutrition Fundamentals

At times, playing basketball is akin to running a marathon—running up and down the court. All of that running back and forth expends huge amounts of energy and calories, and if you aren't taking in the right nutrition, you're liable to flag in the...

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Basketball Sports Science – The Three-Point Shot

You may think that when taking a three-point shot that it's just a matter of stepping up to the line and firing the ball. If it goes in, then it goes in, and if it doesn't, you hope for an offensive rebound so that you get another chance.

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The Basics of Youth Basketball Coaching

It all starts on the court in youth basketball for a lot of players. The lessons they learn here will stay with them throughout their entire basketball career, whether it is just on the street, in school or in the pros.

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Reclaiming the Basketball Court After Injury

So you were injured in the middle of your basketball season, and have to sit out a few games. It sucks-- no one is denying that--but you need to prepare now to be fully recovered and ready to go, you need to do all you can to fully immerse yourself...

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Basketball Gifts for the 2015 Holiday Season

The basketball season is officially underway - and so is the holiday season! If you're slacking on your holiday shopping this year, use this basketball gift guide for inspiration. Your favorite basketball player, coach or fan will thank you.

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Youth Basketball Tournaments: Tips for Coaches

Teaching children how to play a sport is an effective tool that can not only teach the fundamentals of the game, but can also instill discipline, work ethic, and several other skills that can be used in everyday life. While playing basketball is a...

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Top 5 Best Basketball Blogs for Coaches

It's not always easy to find the information you're looking for among all of the videos, cat memes, GIFs, and other noise on social media and the rest of the web. Sometimes you just want to have a central place to go to for trustworthy, helpful...

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Coach's Toolkit: 5 Simple Basketball Games for Kids

As all coaches know, basketball can very quickly become competitive - aggressive even - if we let our teams spend all their time playing five on five games. The number one goal of youth basketball, however, is supposed to be to have fun. Every coach...

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Basketball Team Gear Essentials and the Best Way to Order Them

Basketball season is quickly approaching. Along with tryouts and selecting players for the team, if you are a coach you are likely in charge of dealing with selecting and ordering basketball team gear. You might know why it's important for you team...

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Coach's Toolkit: Basketball Drills for Kids

Coaching youth basketball is a great way to help get young athletes ready for middle school, junior high, or high school basketball. You are able to teach them the fundamentals of the game, team work, and most importantly, sportsmanship. The...

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Top 3 Trends for Team Basketball Uniforms & Shoes You'll Want to Know

Finding basketball apparel that impresses your players is difficult. After all, basketball team uniforms and shoes change styles year after year. If you don’t keep track of the trends in basketball apparel, you will miss out on purchasing the most...

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Where to Find the Best Youth Basketball Jerseys for Your Team's Budget

Youth basketball can be a challenging sport to outfit. Some kids grow faster than others, so the height and size of your players will (most likely) vary significantly even if they are all the same age. Having an apparel company that can meet your...

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