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3 Top Selling Uniform Brands For Your Youth Basketball Team

September 22, 2020

Anum Hussain

Purchasing team basketball jerseys and shoes can be a challenge for coaches. The coach wants to be cost efficient while getting a reliable product, while players care less about cost and more about what they’ll look like on court.

Naturally, it’s difficult for coaches to manage their players’ expectations about the gear that they will be receiving from their school teams. Some coaches can satisfy their players’ demands because they have large budgets to work with, but most coaches do not have this luxury. So how do coaches find affordable jerseys and shoes that satisfy their players and allow them to perform at their best looking the way they want?


1. Under Armour

Cost Benchmark: Reversible jerseys and shorts as low as $67.
Why We Like Them: Well known brand without breaking the bank.

Under Armour basketball jerseys and shoes are a terrific option for any school, but particularly for coaches who are trying to balance their budgetary constraints with their players’ demands. Their reversible jersey collection comes in a variety of colors and are 100% polyester pique knit.


2. Augusta

Cost Benchmark: Home and Away jerseys for $65.
Why We Like Them: Leading designer, manufacturer, and marketer of high-performance active wear and spirit wear.

Augusta owns a number of brands in their suite of offerings, including Russell Athletic and Holloway. Even just the Augusta Sportswear line offers a wide variety of sizes, colors and designs. For kids, they specifically cite “moisture-wicking fabrications, durable double-stitched construction, tag-free labels, and movement-enhancing cuts.”


3. Holloway

Cost Benchmark: Jerseys for as low as $60.
Why We Like Them: Offer 800+ styles of jerseys, shorts, pants, and more with a focus on comfort.

Holloway is one of the few brands whose logo won’t appear printed visibly on your jersey orders. The brand focuses on comfort and stitching over brand recognition, with a variety of options for boys and girls basketball jerseys and shorts.

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