An innovative uniform & spirit wear solution for your entire campus community

An easy, efficient platform to control your brand, collaborate with your team and club leaders, and allow parents and students to purchase & receive apparel from unique online stores directly to their homes

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All-in-One Custom Spirit Wear, Team Gear, & Uniforms

Reduce the time it takes to set-up, manage and distribute custom team gear, spirit wear, PE & dress uniforms for your school in one online platform with complete brand control. SquadLocker gives you a comprehensive campus solution.

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The brands that schools trust


"I think SquadLocker has great price points and many perfect products to offer to our high school students and parents!"

Kim Andrews

"Saint Patrick School Hawaii could not be more pleased with the service and products provided! Aloha"

Soni Joseph,

Saint Patrick School

Communications Directors
Retail Managers

Foster inclusion & delight your community

Outfit underserved groups or clubs with no-risk online apparel stores. Stop worrying about the balancing act between risking valuable inventory funds, and serving all clubs and groups equally. Delight your community with apparel for every need, in an online department store style set-up.


"SquadLocker created for us our H.S. Football team’s logos. We launched that store last week and the players went CRAZY! ... They produced fantastic graphics for ALL of our activities in a blink of an eye … Thanks for making me look like a Rockstar!"

Jeremy Melusky,

Bridgewater-Raynham Regional High School Booster Club

Marketing Directors

Control your brand with just a click

With SquadLocker's free art services and built-in logo bank, logos look great and on-brand every time. Review, add to, or manage logos from your store's dashboard and easily choose which items feature which logos.


"SquadLocker is unbelievably easy to work with and I recommend them to anyone I meet... The company is accommodating, knowledgeable, and provides fast deliveries. Do not hesitate to commit to SquadLocker!"

Jason Brisini,

East Cooper CAS

Retail Managers
Store Managers

Streamline school uniforms & spirit wear

Stop sorting, storing, distributing, and managing overly complex custom apparel. Get everything your school needs, all from one provider. Best of all? Eliminate bulk orders, wasted space, and excess inventory with individual online ordering and Direct-To-Customer shipping.


"Hassle Free!!!! Very easy to setup and I don't have to worry about collecting payment or distributing items ordered."

J. Hahn

Renegade Softball

Communications Directors

Equitable experiences empower entire communities

Accommodate scholarship voucher programs, registration payment flows, and existing discount and coupon programs with total payment flexibility. Offer your school, students or athletes pre-paid discounts or vouchers on an as-needed or total school basis.


"They helped me find the right shirt, get our logo added, get the order completed, and the shipment on the way. This was not an experience where the agent kept checking a script - I genuinely knew someone was on the line helping us complete our order."

Mitch M.

Athletic Directors
Club Leaders

PO-Based Bulk Buying

Still prefer to purchase athletics uniforms or gear in bulk? No problem. Order bulk apparel directly from your dedicated apparel expert, or, mix and match with Direct-to-Student shipping for some items, and traditional bulk ordering for others.

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Designed to boost any campus community


A complete campus solution with expert 1:1 support

Single Groups or Clubs

Create custom gear FAST. Share and ship to your squad

Direct-To-Customer Shipping No need for on-campus stores, or fitting days No need for bulk orders, or boxes of unused apparel
24/7/365 Online Stores No order windows or guessing sizes in advance Students can purchase what they need at any time
Organization Landing Page Brand control wth just one click Stick out in the crowd - show your true colors