SquadLocker Makes Fundraising Easy

Teams use SquadLocker to raise money year round

We've helped teams raise over $1 million dollars so far

Add fundraising to your store with the click of a button

Built In Fundraising

You can enable fundraising during the store building process or through your dashboard after the store is created. Simply click edit on the store you want to add fundraising to then select the fundraising percentage and click save. You will receive your fundraising total in the form of a rebate check. Woohoo! Easy money for your program! Our store builder automatically adjusts the price of each item according to the percentage of fundraising you would like to receive

When does my program receive the fundraising rebate?

Once your store or organization has raised over $10, you can request a pay out from your dashboard with just the click of a button. Your request will immediately begin processing, and you should receive your mailed check in 7-14 days.