We have set out to build a disruptive company, enabled by world-class technology and executed by a group of professionals eager to change the behavior of an entire industry. In this pursuit we have launched online tools that makes it easier and convenient for consumers, coaches, athletic directors and administrators to search for, select and purchase the very best team gear and uniforms at competitive prices.

Our Humble Beginnings

The confluence of being a 3rd generation textile manufacturer, a father of three growing kids who enjoy playing team sports and living in the age where technology can quickly transform a given marketplace struck me on a spring day at Harvard’s athletic fields about 4 years ago. I was walking back to my car after enjoying seeing my son play one of the 15 or so tournament games that he was signed up for that weekend and I was overwhelmed by the enormity of the participation at the event. Tailgating, flags being flown, parents carrying gear and a sea of volunteers and coaches, all invested in a singular purpose, to create a rewarding experience for the kids involved in the day. I remember returning home with a nagging sense of opportunity having witnessed the tournament first hand, all of these kids, trying to look sharp and on their game, a vast landscape of names and numbers and logos, an infinite combination of outcomes and a range of sizes and colors that further complicated the possible outcomes. How does it get done today? How can technology make the experience of buying team gear and apparel easier? How can technology be used to create a unique opportunity that unleashes a torrent of demand?

The questions asked that day have lead me on an entrepreneurial adventure which I am not a stranger to, it is in my very nature to ask questions, to fill market white spaces and then rush to define required resources and put them to work. Since that sunny day on the fields we have acquired a 50,000 square foot, state of the art manufacturing facility and distribution rights to some of the world’s most sought after sports apparel brands. Combining these physical resources with a team of software engineers has allowed us to enable teams, coaches, league administrators and parents across the country to easily accomplish what was once a difficult task, purchasing gear and apparel for their players and staff.

Our Vision:
Serving Volunteers That mentor Young Athletes Everyday

I am proud of the team we have assembled at SquadLocker and the purposeful work we seek to accomplish day in and day out. It pleases me to know that SquadLocker is saving the precious time for thousands of volunteers and coaches who are investing their time and money in improving the lives of kids everywhere. Learning to lose and win with dignity and pride, understanding that accomplishing something takes the work of others and building a sense of self-esteem are just a few of the benefits my kids have received from participating in organized youth sports. Bringing a world class buying experience and easing the burden of the hassle that comes along with filling out forms, collecting payments and worrying about the right size and fit is our way of helping improve the lives of the coaches and organizers which in turn means more free time they can invest in what they really love, the young athletes of their team.

Making it Happen Everyday

We are accomplishing this purposeful goal - to build the easiest to use online solution for managing decorated team apparel. In doing so, we are transforming a billion dollar market. Making it easier for coaches and team managers, so that those coaches and volunteers can spend more time mentoring and inspiring young athletes.

Gary Goldberg

Gary Goldberg Signature

Founder and President
SquadLocker, Inc.