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October 16, 2023




Winning isn’t just about the end-of-the-season championships. It’s about all the little accomplishments you make along the way. An easy win is getting back time on administrative tasks so you can coach more, teach more, and live more.

Ordering uniforms usually takes time (sometimes months) due to the need for design selection, customization, and production. Compounded with lead times from suppliers, logistical considerations, and distribution efforts - things can really add up.

At SquadLocker we’ve designed our products and tools to help organizational leaders, coaches, and apparel coordinators get uniforms done.

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Uniforms & Design

SquadGEAR fully sublimated uniforms are the fastest way to get custom uniforms all season long. 

Eliminating the typically long lead times for orders, SquadGEAR setup takes as few as 10 business days (that includes artwork, uniform design, store creation, and production). We manufacture SquadGEAR in the U.S. and as a result, have no ordering windows and slowdowns based on seasonality. Uniforms ship direct-to-player in 3-5 days or you can order in bulk and there are no order minimums. You don’t have to wait for late registrants, they can order when they sign up.

In addition, your SquadLocker uniform and spirit wear store(s) never close so you can accommodate teams of all sizes and mid-season replacements.

Logistics & Distribution

Collecting orders, managing payments, storing boxes, and handing out player kits is a hassle you don’t need to have on your shoulders. At SquadLocker we’ve built tools and processes to support a better way to do uniforms and apparel. 

Our President and Founder Gary Goldberg said it best, “SquadLocker was created to save time for coaches and organizers like you, so you can help kids reach their full potential.”

Uniform kit example

Once you’ve picked out a uniform design that works, we set up a store ready to take orders; but our support doesn’t stop there. You can mark your items as a must-buy so players know that this kit is required. Check out this example uniform kit in-store.

When your roster is confirmed - you can take advantage of our built-in roster tool to simplify uniform ordering. With a quick upload, we will automatically notify each team member when it’s time to order their uniform. You can sit back and watch as uniform orders come in right from your dashboard. 


If the cost of a uniform is part of your registration fees - you can save a step by adding on our voucher solution. Vouchers are purchased in advance by the organization and then redeemed by the team members in the store. We email them to your roster on your behalf. All that’s left is for each player to confirm their sizes and order their items. 


At SquadLocker, we are on a mission to transform how organizations customize and distribute custom goods so they can coach more, teach more, and live more. Get uniforms done, right now.

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