Ways We Customize & Decorate Your Apparel
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There’s nothing quite like that swell of pride when you see your custom decorated apparel for the first time. Just as you take pride in the performance your organization or team, we take a lot of pride in the way we work – handling each individual item as if it were the only one.

Looking to figure out what decoration method is best for you? Read on to find out more about SquadLocker’s sublimation, printing, embroidery, and personalization options.



Geared towards high-performance athletic wear, this method of printing allows your custom design to be infused into fibers of the fabric (typically polyester), allowing for incredible precision and highly detailed graphics. The design can stretch and hold up to the rigors of any sport, making it a great choice for uniforms and performance workout apparel.

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While printing is common in custom apparel, not all printers are created equal. Our high-end technique produces crisp, highly detailed graphics, with a soft, featherweight touch that moves with your body and stretches with the material. Custom printed gear is an affordable decoration option that’s ready to stand up to regular laundering and hold strong during on-the-field play.



Ideal for less intricate designs in smaller areas, embroidery is a great decoration option for sturdier items like hats and bags and textured fabrics like fleece. Using the strongest, most lustrous embroidery yarns, your design will hold up to repeated laundering and daily wear.


Personalization and Placement



There’s something transformative that happens to a piece of apparel when it has a meaningful number and your name on it. It becomes an outer expression of yourself that feels distinctly yours. SquadLocker offers 2-color personalization to match your decoration method, for names and/or numbers that really pop.


Personalization Graphic - Item Info




Curious where your logo gets placed and how large it will be? Check out the images below and see it in action.



Heritage Behind Your Apparel

Our roots run deep in textile manufacturing, which means we know exactly what a quality garment should look and feel like. In order to deliver the best to you, we consistently invest in the latest technology, state-of-the-art decorating equipment, and ongoing training for our talented team of operators who customize your apparel.


As a 3rd generation textile manufacturer, I’m honored to stand behind the countless number of high-quality items that exit our facility each day. Our team hustles hard to ensure that every garment, every logo, and every stitch meets and hopefully exceeds your expectations. We’re confident you’ll be pleased with your apparel, but if you aren’t, we will always make it right with you. Your satisfaction is our most-valued metric of success.

- Gary Goldberg, Squadlocker CEO

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