SquadLocker and Perfect Game: Baseball is #1 Reason I Love My Job

When I joined SquadLocker I was a broken-down, ex-Pro Baseball player. All I had was a business degree paid for by MLB and a desire to work hard. And I found myself on the doorstep of what would be the start of a new chapter in my life, a career in...

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young woman playing softball

Hassle Free Spirit Wear for Fastpitch Softball

SquadLocker is happy to be outfitting California Raiders Fastpitch Softball with custom spirit wear and apparel!

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Softball player in uniform

6 Ways to Personalize Softball Uniforms

Girls just want to have fun. (So sang Madonna.) And from the time they are little, girls have the most fun when they are doing something together. What better way than softball? Girls (and ladies) can have a great time together and show off their...

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Our Top Picks for New Softball Uniforms

Softball may be the girls’ version of America’s pastime, but anyone who has ever watched a softball game knows there’s nothing “girlie” about this sport. Players are skilled, smart, and tough. But ladies appreciate style, too, and uniforms make the...

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Softball Drills: 10U Defense Fundamentals

The beginning of competitive softball begins in the 10U leagues, where winning and losing starts to make a difference. Lower league ages are more for fun than anything else, where as the higher youth ages signal the start where competition takes...

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Softball Drills to Train the Eye

Unlike hardball, softball is really a different game altogether. The ball is bigger, the game plays out a bit slower, and fielding is easier. That said, it is still a very competitive sport, and it is one of the more popular types of baseball around...

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Where to Buy High School Fastpitch Uniforms on a Budget

It’s cold. Both your boys and girls basketball teams are having great seasons. Fan interest is high, which is great, but brings with it additional time commitments and responsibilities. People are constantly congratulating you and others on the...

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