We Tried It: The North Face Everday Insulated Jacket Review

We Tried It: The North Face Everyday Insulated Jacket

Wet and Cold? No sweat, say the pros. We’re warm and dry! Nobody knows sports and athleisure gear better than pro ball players, right? So our two resident experts – Tip Fairchild (formerly baseball) and Dan Koppen (formerly football) -- recently ...

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Warwick PD Awareness Patch Apparel

Warwick PD Reaches Out with Awareness Store

Talk about impressive community engagement! Just two weeks after launch, the Warwick, RI Police Department’s SquadLocker awareness store brought in more than 30 orders! And the excitement continues.

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Businesses Love SquadLocker for Logo’ed Apparel

SquadLocker has long supported sports organizations and schools with all they need in the way of custom uniforms, gear, and apparel. Businesses also love to use online SquadLocker stores to easily outfit employees with custom apparel as well as...

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Responsible for an Organization's Apparel Budget? Here's 10 Terrible...

If you’re spending organization money, your organization expects you to spend wisely, especially if you’re buying something like branded apparel. If you make decisions that are, shall we say, imprudent, there will be costs. Not only will you have...

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Order Delivery: Our Favorite No-Contact Sport

No touching, please keep your distance. As most of us headed home to self-quarantine for the COVID-19 pandemic, stores closed. Online shopping, already popular, surged. Stuck-at-home purchasers were thrilled to have an easy-access outlet for their...

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Showing Your Spirit Builds Sense of Belonging

We talk about teamwork all the time -- at work, in sports, at home. What Mom hasn’t used the “teamwork” pitch to goad her teen into helping do the dishes or mow the lawn? Teamwork enables us to do more, and do it better. In most sports and the vast...

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