Responsible for an Organization's Apparel Budget? Here's 10 Terrible Ways to Spend Your Money

August 19, 2020


If you’re spending organization money, your organization expects you to spend wisely, especially if you’re buying something like branded apparel. If you make decisions that are, shall we say, imprudent, there will be costs. Not only will you have literally wasted money, the wrong apparel can cost your organization in reputation with members, employees and volunteers, and the community. You can’t afford to be the one in charge of this fiasco.


So many ways to get it wrong

It’s easy to make mistakes that can savage your budget and deflate the excitement spirit wear is meant to create. Here are just 10 ways you can go sideways (but read on, for tips on becoming a hero instead):

1. Choose styles that suck.

Yesterday’s fashion is old news. Beware of “good deals” on outdated merchandise. But beware, also, of items that are so over-the-top trendy they’ll go out of style before then can be zipped up. Passé means passed over in the closet. No branding value there.


2. Order up a huge inventory of stuff, so you’ll “have everything anyone could want.”

You won’t, no matter how hard you try to guess, because (sorry) you are not clairvoyant. Meanwhile you’ve spent a whopping sum of money up front, which is not a smart cashflow decision for any organization, not to mention that unsold inventory is nothing but a straight loss. Whether your company has a bookkeeper or a CFO, they will not be amused.


3. Re-order more of the stuff that didn’t sell (or you couldn’t even give away) last year.

Maybe they’ll like it better this year after all?


4. Order all one color.

One person just loves hot pink, while others may not be so fond of the color. If you order all one color, there's bound to be someone disappointed.


5. Order items that make no sense.

Tank tops for your top level? Fleece for your August team-bonding picnic? Button-down oxford shirts for your volleyball team? We think not.


6. Ordering custom apparel for no apparent reason.

Just because you noticed a competitor offers logoed shirts or a business consultant said branded hoodies would boost organization morale doesn’t make these things budget-friendly must-haves. What are you really trying to accomplish?


7. Going cheap.

Opting for cheaply-made garments guaranteed to fade, fray, pill, shrink, stretch, or just generally say your organization is second-rate.


8. Order only one or a couple of styles, forcing people to wear something they really hate or don’t feel comfortable in.

Not everyone feels comfortable and effective in pink, and women won’t love a baggy tee that fits like a hand-me-down from their big brother.


9. Cringe-worthy artwork.

Joe, the treasurer, may love doodling fantasy figures, but his design won’t look fantastic (or even decent) on your apparel. Whether it’s your logo, a slogan, or some other design, quality decoration requires pro-quality imaging in the right colors that fits the type of apparel, the location and the type of imprinting you plan to use.


10. Unbelievably dumb over-sights.

You misspelled the organization's name. Or you forget to add the date for the special event you’re commemorating. This project will be memorable, all right.


So easy to get it right

Why go to the trouble and expense of ordering custom apparel if all it’s going to do is warm the bench? It’s called promotional clothing for a reason. It should be a show of pride, so show some class! Give ’em a great selection of great quality, want-to-wear apparel, with custom decoration everyone else will envy.

It’s embarrassingly easy to get it right when you team up with SquadLocker.

  • Free professional graphic design. It turns out you can actually save money and still get first-class artwork that produces pro-quality decoration. Now that’s minding your budget.
  • An online store that makes everything easier for everyone. We’ll help you set it up, and folks can help themselves to whatever they need, whenever they want. We’ll deliver it right to their door. No minimums, no wrong colors or sizes or styles, no physical contact.
  • And no waiting around. They call you Last-Minute Larry, don’t they? And that’s another big problem with most custom apparel efforts – you have to order way in advance. Well, no worries, Lare, we’ve got you covered. We ship most orders in just three days or less. Not three months, not three weeks... three days.


Plus, you’ll be covered in glory when your organization get a look at what you’ve put together for them, not to mention how easy it is to get what they want. If it weren’t for social distancing, they’d be carrying you around on their shoulders!

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