Order Delivery: Our Favorite No-Contact Sport

August 2, 2020


No touching, please keep your distance. As most of us headed home to self-quarantine for the COVID-19 pandemic, stores closed. Online shopping, already popular, surged. Stuck-at-home purchasers were thrilled to have an easy-access outlet for their spending desires, and happier still that the entire process could be contactless. Just what the doctor (and probably the governor) ordered.

Thanks to SquadLocker, you can add ordering sports and school dress uniforms, related spirit wear, and custom business apparel to the contactless shopping experience. Establish an online store of your own, and manage it virtually. Save time, money, and frustration, and boost the ordering and delivery experience for everyone. Parents and fans will be ecstatic.


It didn’t used to be that way

You had to order tons of items in bulk, far in advance. Parents had to drag their kids to school or somewhere else to be sized and place their orders. Shipments arrived, and once again folks had to show up in person to paw through the supplies to find right-sized uniforms or spirit wear. Or coaches became designated distributors, handing out uniforms and practice gear to players. Personal contact at every turn.

We can’t allow that now, and we never loved the frustrating inconvenience of all that running around. As the person responsible for ordering and distributing, you never loved the wasted time and money, either. Maybe you even had to store that inventory at your own home. You love your team or organization, but having to show your spirit by giving up your garage? That’s not fair play.

As apparel coordinator, you had to engage in other types of contact as well. For example, you had to contact parents by phone or email or snail mail to keep them apprised of this season’s official gear list and ordering process, and keep everyone on track with it. You had to take orders, and take money.


With SquadLocker, it’s contact-free, all the way

Contactless delivery is merely the final step, in a process that embraces digital shopping, individual ordering 24/7/365, and fast turnaround. Once you establish your store and fill it with products just right for your players and fans, you’re open for business. That’s an easy sell indeed, considering what a great improvement it is for parents and players.

Parents can see all the products pertinent to your YSO, school or team -- for sports, dress, and/or spirit. They can select the proper sizes in desired colors, and personalize uniform garments if needed. Multiple kids in multiple grades and sports? No sweat. It’s easy to navigate to each store-within-your store from the home landing page.

But wait, there’s more contactless goodness – custom decoration. We offer top-quality performance apparel options here at SquadLocker, but they’re no good without your unique decoration! So we offer three different methods of decoration, depending on product type and your desired look, to ensure you always get professional grade decoration. We like to call that “field ready,” as in ready to run out under the lights to the roar of an appreciative crowd. Looking like winners, just like the pros.

Our art department pros are always here to help put finishing touches on your logo (or help you create a new one from scratch) – always with no contact and always at no cost – to make sure you get those pro-quality results that will inspire players and fans alike.

When you’re ready to order uniforms or spirit wear, SquadLocker delivers the perfect pitch – the perfect pass – every time. Contact-free, yet right into the hands of each individual receiver.

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