The Biggest Problem with Sports Uniforms (And How You Can Fix It)

July 28, 2020


If you’re in charge of uniforms for a youth sports organization or school, you know how important it is to get everything right. Exactly right. After all, uniforms don’t just identify players during the game, they are the very symbol of who you are – your brand. So why is it such a problem to get your players properly outfitted?


Ordering uniforms can be a painful experience:

  • You have to order in bulk, well in advance. You have to be clairvoyant since players come in different sizes but the team roster(s) may not even be set yet.
  • You often have to order uniforms from an entirely different source than spirit wear, doubling your workload (and headaches).
  • The custom decoration looks OK, but it’s nothing to cheer about. Or, it’s not even consistent if multiple people are doing the ordering.
  • The logistics are convoluted and time-consuming -- ordering, sorting when the order arrives, and storing all that gear
    somewhere (maybe even in your own garage). You (or maybe the coach) has to distribute uniforms to each of the players, and try to find decent-fitting leftover items for late registrants.
  • You get to field complaints about the ordering process as well as the gear.


The financials are no fun, either:

  • You have to front the cost for the entire order, then wait to replenish coffers as payments come in.
  • You have to serve as billing and collections agent to get that money, creating and managing cumbersome spreadsheets to track who has ordered what, who has paid and who has not.
  • Money is wasted. You never recoup your entire investment, thanks to bulk ordering that inevitably results in leftovers at season’s end. Or, you suffer extra fees to order more uniforms if you're short the first time around. You could have used that money for something else!


All of this is inconvenient, to say the least. And, now, some of these issues present serious additional concerns due to COVID-19 and newly-required no-contact health and safety practices.

It all adds up to one thing: the biggest problem with sports uniforms is the ordering process itself.


SquadLocker solves these problems, once and for all

Fix your ordering process, and all the other problems disappear, too. Creating a SquadLocker store makes everyone’s life easier. It serves as a one-stop online shopping center for all your custom branded gear – spirit wear as well as uniforms. And it makes fundraising a breeze instead of a chore. Best of all for you, managing the store is also a breeze, and it’s always up to date so you can see ordering status and other details in real time.

You take care of the basics – determining which apparel and gear options to offer in your store and supplying the custom decoration you want. (We can help with that, at no cost to you, to make sure your uniforms look as good as the pros.) After that, it’s DIY for players and parents.

  • It’s never too late to order, because every player/parent handles their own online and turnaround is typically just a few days. Even late registrants can suit up and be ready for play pronto, in apparel that fits well and looks great.
  • Individual ordering eliminates all of the hassle and guesswork and upfront expense associated with bulk orders. No wasted gear or money. And direct-to-player delivery ensures a convenient, contactless experience for everyone.
  • Everything is beautifully and consistently branded, no matter how many sports your organization includes or how many other clubs or teams your school outfits with uniforms or other apparel.
  • When the new season rolls around, all you have to do is update your store with the right uniform choices, then spread the word that your SquadLocker store is freshly stocked.


No sacrifices when it comes to styles and quality

Just because we make everything easy for you doesn’t mean we cut corners. Heck, no! We offer uniform choices from top brand names – well-fitting, high-performing gear that scores big on style points as well. Plus, we offer choices when it comes to decoration methods, to ensure you get that exactly-right field-ready presentation your team wants. (Spirit wear, too, so families and fans can look their best in the stands and around town.)


No problems, and no contact!

It’s your job to provide the best possible experience for players and parents, but you deserve the best possible experience, too. SquadLocker is your MVP when it comes to team uniforms. Simpler. Safer. Faster. No minimums.

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