7 Tips for Picking the Perfect Spirit Wear

July 26, 2020


No one knows yet what the coming school year and sports seasons will look like, but one thing’s for sure: they will be way better and a lot more exciting if everyone is outfitted in exceptional spirit wear. After all, we’re all in this together, right?! Your players and fans are anxious to show their solidarity by showing their spirit, so now is the time to update your online store -- and maybe update your logo, too.

As always, our SquadLocker team of gear and design experts is here to help.

Less-than-inspiring fan apparel just won’t do. Spirit wear is meant to show enthusiasm and support for your school or team, whether you’re at the game or doing your thing around town. As apparel coordinator or store manager, you’re the curator, responsible for picking the right products with the right custom decoration that will make your store a sell-out. Even the coolest artwork won’t sell your spirit wear if the options you choose don’t make the cut.

So how can you pick the right stuff?


How to pick custom apparel your community will love

1. Variety guarantees versatility

Pick a tempting range of traditional faves and nifty new styles, to appeal to the widest range of shoppers and give them more ways to show their support. Think seasonal as well as off-season, for year-round visibility. Tees, tanks, long-sleeved tees and raglans, jerseys, shorts, pants, sweatshirts, hoodies . . . the more, the merrier, as they say. It’s not like you have to store all your inventory, since your store is virtual. Shoppers can pull together a look that matches their lifestyle and shows their spirit in a uniquely personalized way.


2. Know your audience

Players, families, staff, and the community at large are all potential buyers. Consider age range as well if your spirit wear promotes your school or overall YSO brand, because what’s hip with kids isn’t necessarily what’s hot with adults. Think inclusivity, too, because spirit wear is just as important for the robotics club and Jeopardy! team as it is for sports and the dance team.


3. Be retail savvy

You have to follow the latest trends to pick the most desirable spirit wear. For example, quarter-zips are big right now, as are minimalist colors (think earthy neutrals like gray, black, ivory and cream). And let’s not forget that many folks are still operating from home, for work as well as play. Comfort is king, so smart-looking, easy-care athleisure options are essential.

Promo Marketing Magazine notes that a “variety of weights, from lightweight performance base layers to soft and cozy midweight layers, are all coming together. They create wardrobes that go from January to December with just a few layers either on or off.” And we would add, all custom decorated, of course.


4. Don’t forget accessories

Blankets, face masks and hats are all prime material when it comes to custom decoration.


5. Insist on reliable quality

People invest in spirit wear because they want to show their love for school or team. But they want their investment to last -- and so do you, because wearability means visibility. The top-quality name brands we offer at SquadLocker ensure the items your buyers choose will look and fit better and last longer, for maximum value.


6. Right garment, right decoration

It won’t matter what spirit wear you pick if it doesn’t look perfect. We can help you decide if printing, sublimation or embroidery will be best for each type of item. Of course, even if you choose the proper decoration method, less-than-ideal logo artwork can spoil the result. No worries there, either, because our graphic design team can help sharpen your artwork or create something brand new, at no cost.


7. Make it easy for folks to shop and buy!

Thanks to your digital SquadLocker store and our no-minimums policy, you don’t have to pick just one style or wring your hands over sizes, colors, or quantities to order. You just have to pick the best goods. Then each shopper can pick whatever fits their spirit style.


Perfectly contact-free

Your SquadLocker store is vastly more convenient for everyone. Not only that, our system that allows individual ordering and delivers directly to players (or fans) ensures an entirely contactless process. Simple, fast, and safe, too.

Must-have spirit wear will fly off your store “shelves” because everyone wants to be seen sporting the latest look. When you pick most-wanted items, you can sell more and make more money for your organization, without doing more work. Perfect.

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