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Youth Sports Help Shape More Successful Adults

It is easy to make a list of benefits youngsters derive from playing sports. Or is it? You might be surprised to find that the list is quite a bit longer than you imagined. The topic has been studied over and over again, so there is plenty of...

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Staying Safe as We Return to Play

How are we to play it safe as we return to sports play? It’s the big question on everyone’s mind these days as we emerge from isolation and head back onto the field or court. It is so exciting to finally reconnect, but health officials are...

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Returning to Play – How Will It Feel? What Will It Mean?

We’re getting our lives back, bit by bit. For sports enthusiasts of all ages that means a return to play. This is exciting indeed, especially for youth that have been kept away from their friends and teammates as well as their favorite sports....

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5 Fun Ways to Excite Your Child To Stay Hydrated This Summer

The last day of school is almost a month away, which means your child is getting excited for all the adventures the summer season brings, from sports camps to backyard activities. This is your child's time to have fun while playing with friends....

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Why Losers Win

If winning is the only option, why do we compete? Losing is essential. Losing is an everyday experience, whether it's racing to make a traffic light or missing the game-winning shot. So why don't we focus on losing?After all, losing makes winning...

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Participation Trophies: Yay or Nay?

Participation trophies have been around for a short period of time, and they tend to be a controversial topic. Some argue that the point isn’t to win or lose, it’s a celebration of your efforts and the work you put into the game. Others point out...

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Team Parent Do's and Don'ts

A great Team Parent can be an amazing resource for coaches, players and families on a team. This officially unofficial position is somewhere between an administrative assistant and an assistant coach, and largely involves taking responsibility...

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Seven Types Of Little League Coaches (And How To Deal With Them)

A great little league  coach truly is a treasure, mostly because of how rare they seem to be. If your kids have been involved in little leagues for a while, you may have noticed that certain “types” of coaches seem to appear fairly often. We’re...

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Gifts for the Fantasy Football Players in Your Life

As anyone who’s ever lived with a fantasy football player (or who just watches The League) knows, they can get very, very into their fantasy league. It’s the sort of hobby that can become the center of a person’s life. With the holidays coming...

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Holiday Nutrition Tips For Young Athletes

The holiday season is almost in full swing, and that means food, food and more food! With Thanksgiving turkey, Christmas ham, cookies, cakes and pies, it doesn't get more tasty than that!

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A Football Parent's Guide

Whether you’re a new football parent or a seasoned sports mom/dad – a little advice never hurt anyone. So before you polish the pigskin for your child's upcoming summer training camp, check out this guide for a few pointers on how to maximize...

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Sports Nutrition For The Youth Athlete

Nutrition is important for any athlete – especially the young athlete. But, are sports nutrition requirements different for children? “Largely no,” say the experts. Adult athletes and children athletes need the same basic sports nutrition:...

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Preparing for the Season: Parents Meeting the New Baseball Coach

There are a lot of adults in your child's life, and most of them you will not meet more than once if at all. Teachers and coordinators have their obvious jobs, and as long as things are running smoothly, It is rare for you to spend much time with...

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Is Vitamin D really that important to the athlete?

So the question remains, is vitamin D really that important to the athlete? Let’s break it down and examine what we know.

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The SquadLocker Difference #3: Establishing a TeamLocker™ Close Date

The SquadLocker Difference: This 8 part series details the ways SquadLocker is the best online store for team gear and apparel. For part 3, we dive into the ability to set the launch and close date of your TeamLocker™ online store.

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The SquadLocker Difference #2: Instant Stores for Athletes

The SquadLocker Difference:  Instantaneous TeamLocker™ Store Launch

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The SquadLocker Difference #1: Check Out the GearMatching Selector

The SquadLocker Difference: World’s Best Gear Matching Selector Who Benefits? Coaches, League Organizers, Parent Volunteers, and Athletes

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3 Tips for Parents to Save Money on Little League Uniforms

“Little League.” For kids, these words evoke fun, teamwork, and (possibly) orange slices. For young adults, they may induce nostalgia. For everybody, they are a symbol for spring and youth. Little League baseball and tee ball are American...

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Chicken, Gold Thongs, and Other Bizarre Game-Day Rituals

If you have played sports at virtually any level from youth leagues to professional, then you have probably developed a few superstitions along the way that you would swear up and down make you a better athlete or at least make you perform...

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How Antimicrobial Team Apparel Fabrics Keep Your Athletes Healthy

In high school football, every game counts. You only have seven to ten games in the regular season. Can you stand to have your starting quarterback out sick for even one game? When a key player misses even one practice, it can derail the whole...

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