Gifts for the Fantasy Football Players in Your Life

December 10, 2016

As anyone who’s ever lived with a fantasy football player (or who just watches The League) knows, they can get very, very into their fantasy league. It’s the sort of hobby that can become the center of a person’s life. With the holidays coming up, fantasy football lovers will also love getting presents that relate to their game or – better yet – give them a bit of a leg up on the competition.

If you’re still looking for holiday gift ideas, we’ve got a few suggestions for that special fantasy football player in your life.


Seven Great Gift Ideas For Fantasy Football Freaks

A DraftSharks Membership ($25-$30 per season)

As the premiere website for fantasy football players, there may not be any single resource that could give a player more of an edge than a DraftSharks membership. Even if your gift recipient is already a member, they’d undoubtedly appreciate seeing that membership extended for a few more seasons. And if they aren’t, chances are they’ll discover a whole new level to their fantasy management.

Warning: May lead to players losing sleep for days as they lose themselves in statistics.

A Custom Trophy (how much do you want to spend?)

If they run their own league, they need a trophy. Chances are they have a “trophy” of some sort, but is it a professional trophy made out of wood and metal? There are hundreds of trophy vendors online, capable of producing any design you could possibly want – from duplicates of real-world trophies, to something specific to your local league.

Plus, since a well-made trophy can last for decades, this is a gift that truly keeps on giving.

1. Custom NFL Jersey ($150)

Players come and go, but the league is forever. Maybe. So rather than buying jerseys or other memorabilia for specific players whose careers could end on any given sunday, give your favorite fantasy football enthusiast a jersey celebrating their true favorite player: themselves. These official jerseys are available for every team in the NFL and are identical to real-world jerseys – aside from the customized names and numbers.

NFL Game Tickets (prices vary wildly)

Yeah, I know. Mixing fantasy and reality? It’s madness! Nevertheless, if you want to get your special fantasy football player out of the house for awhile, few things will be more effective at enticing them to leave their spreadsheets than actual tickets to actual football games.

If you really love them, get them season tickets instead. If nothing else, it’ll buy you plenty of quality time – either with them at the game or alone in a blissfully quiet home.

RC Beer Coolers ($250+)

Why fight the inevitable when you can enable it instead? These spiffy radio-controlled cars have enough capacity to hold over a hundred pounds of beer, and include hookups for iPods and other audio devices with built-in speakers. Even better, they’re available with officially-licensed NFL livery or they can be custom-fit with the logo of your own league! With an RC beer cooler, the entire league can watch a game or argue draft picks for hours, without ever having to get up for more beer.

The League Season DVDs ($15-$30 per set)

Whether you’re filling out the last hole in their collection – with final Season 7 now available at last – or splurging to buy the entire series in one Shiva-licious box set, The League is sure to be loved. This hit FX show ran for seven years, chronicling the misadventures of a group of fantasy football players who took their love of the game way, way over the top. Even non-players enjoy it!

Fantasy Football For Dummies by Martin Signore (approx $12)

The name says it all. The perennial For Dummies series has a book on just about any topic imaginable, and that includes Fantasy Football. There’s no better way to suggest a player in your league has no idea what they’re doing whatsoever.  

Please don’t blame us if the hapless recipient throws it across the room and breaks something.

How about you? What gifts have you spotted that a fantasy footballer would love?

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