The SquadLocker Difference #2: Instant Stores for Athletes

December 10, 2015

Todd Grant

The SquadLocker Difference: 

Instantaneous TeamLocker Store Launch

Who Benefits?

Coaches, League Administrators, Parent Volunteers, Athletes

What Is It?

Using specially-designed online tools available only at SquadLocker, any coach or league administrator can quickly, conveniently, and easily open an online TeamLocker flash store in FOUR simple steps: 

1) Select team profile and team colors 

2) Upload your team logo  

3) Select essential and auxiliary gear

4) Choose a store close date and then launch the store  

Check Out the 4-Step Video:

That’s it!  

An instant store launched in a self-service online workflow in less than 5 minutes.

In just a few short clicks, coaches, league administrators, and volunteers alike can select the very best gear from authentic athletic apparel brands like Under Armour, Adidas, Russell, and Champion.

Instantaneously set up a custom online TeamLocker store built on a web application in seconds with a dedicated Web address that can be shared with parents, athletes and fans alike

Customize and stylize the store in colors, logos, and features that best reflect the spirit and branding of your team. Custom logo uploading and editing ensures that every team shows its true colors always… guaranteed! 

Players can get what they want and need in two simple steps: Buy the gear and then check out.

Easy-to-use online tools enable easy sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other popular social media channels, as well as e-mail functionality.

E-mail campaigns featuring online Web addresses enable coaches and administrators to remind players, family, and everyone else how they can sport their true colors to support their team!

The dashboard provides administrators with quick and easy online access and monitoring of TeamLocker store sales.

Dynamic real-time reporting tracks online orders of products to show what merchandise is hot or not, as well as who has ordered what and when. 

Why Does It Matter?

You can spend more time coaching. It’s that simple. Open your own team store without the hassles of managing merchandise or managing customer payments.  

No forms to fill out, no checks to collect, no parents to chase and no quality issues to be dealt with.

Set up your online store with the products YOU select and let the online Web tools easily promote the store to parents.

The store also increases fundraising opportunities for the team.

24/7 access enables all to buy whenever it is convenient, and ensures that the right gear is available at any time in the true team colors in world class apparel.

A guarantee backed by American tailors and craftsmen with hundreds of years of experience ensures that every order comes out right - every time!


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