We Tried It: The North Face Everday Insulated Jacket Review

We Tried It: The North Face Everyday Insulated Jacket

Wet and Cold? No sweat, say the pros. We’re warm and dry! Nobody knows sports and athleisure gear better than pro ball players, right? So our two resident experts – Tip Fairchild (formerly baseball) and Dan Koppen (formerly football) -- recently ...

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We Tried It Review | Russell Essential Tee

We Tried It: Russell Essential Tee

Comfort is in, no matter what you’re doing! That was one of the first lessons we all learned from the pandemic, as we closed the closet door on uncomfortable going-to-the-office/classroom attire and adopted our new athleisure look. We’re sticking...

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We Tried It: Pacific Headwear Snapback product review

We Tried It: Pacific Headwear Snapback

You can’t have just one hat! Headwear is a wardrobe essential, no matter what you’re doing. Athletes and fans want caps that coordinate with their colors and looks that match their mood. That makes headwear essential inventory for every SquadLocker...

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We Tried It: UA Terry Fleece Anorak

We Tried It . . . and You Gotta Get This Anorak

he Under Armour Terry Fleece Anorak is a must-have for every wardrobe. It’s light and comfortable for exercising, toasty enough for hanging out with friends, outdoors or inside. Wear it alone, or layer it. Your team’s going to love this anorak,...

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New UA Bags for Lacrosse and Baseball

We Tried It: New UA LAX and Baseball Bags

A bag is a bag. You can call it a tote or a backpack or duffel or whatever, but it’s just a sack to carry around your apparel and gear, right?

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6 Apparel Picks for Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraisers

Did you know?

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Under Armour Sportsmask and Carry Pouch

We Tried It . . . and We’re All Smiles Under This Mask

Here at SquadLocker, we can't stop talking about the UA Sportsmask. And we’re smiling because this mask scores in so many ways. It’s got you covered at every position:

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We Tried It Product Review: Under Armour Team Rival Hoodies

Hoodies are one of the most versatile and multi-purpose pieces of sports clothing available. Is it any wonder so many people love them? Whether keeping one warm and dry during outdoor practice, or acting as sweat-gear during intensive activities, or...

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We Tried It Product Review: Mizuno Wave Lightning Z2

There's no shortage of high-tech sports shoes on the market which claim to improve an athlete's performance. So why are we so excited to be adding the Mizuno Wave Lightning Z2 to our lineup?

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We Tried It Product Review: Mizuno Dynamic Cover Up Short

Making the right choice in even seemingly minor pieces of sports clothing is vital to great practice and great play. Shorts might not seem like the most important piece of sports gear, yet players will definitely notice when their shorts aren't up...

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We Tried It Product Review: The UA Deception Low DiamondTips Cleat

Let's take a look at the best performance cleats on the market, from the official performance footwear supplier for the MLB: The low-top Under Armour Deception DiamondTips Cleat.

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We Tried It Product Review: Under Armour Highlight MC Football Cleat

When you partner with SquadLocker, you're getting branded team gear backed by the best names in sports equipment today. We're not selling cheap knockoffs; we've got the exact same gear that the pros use - but ready for your team's branding.

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We Tried It Product Review: The Under Armour Storm Hoodie and Sweats

"What can we say? This team gear takes the cake. As a matter of fact, it takes the rest of the bakery! The Under Armour Storm Hoodie and Pants have been the epitome of versatile team fashion since the turn of the century."

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We Tried It Product Review: The Under Armour Locker Tee

"This tee changed the game. It was the brainchild of ingenuity in the face of adversity. It was the Locker Tee and it was the shirt that set the bar."

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