We Tried It Product Review: The Under Armour Locker Tee

February 12, 2016

Todd Grant

"This tee changed the game.  It was the brainchild of ingenuity in the face of adversity. It was the Locker Tee and it was the shirt that set the bar."



From Wet Cotton to Sweat Forgotten

Just like the wick of a candle that pulls fuel up to the flame, the polyester performance material in the Locker Tee draws sweat up from the skin and forces it to the surface leaving the wearer dry and comfortable. In any sport, lacrosse, baseball, tennis, you name it; every athlete will tell you that wearing performance gear like the Under Armour Locker Tee helps them endure and stay cool in the heat of the game. Where cotton gets wet and heavy, the material in the Locker Tee stays cool, dry, and comfortable; just the way you want your team gear to be.


Through the years, performance tees have evolved to adapt to the changing environments in athletics. This generation of Locker Tee is treated with an anti-microbial compound; an odor eating technology that fights the growth of odor causing microbes. Not only does this make the shirt stay fresh longer, it also leaves the material cleaner after a heavy workout. Now this doesn’t mean you don’t have to wash your shirt, that’s just gross. It means that while the pores on your skin are open from dispelling sweat during a tough workout, the material will prevent the growth of harmful bacteria that might put a damper on your game day. Cool, calm, and comfortable. That’s the swagger of the Locker Tee.


The Locker Tee comes in a few variants. One of them made with modern "Heat Gear" fabric.


Why We Love the UA Locker Tee

Where do I begin? This is the go-to shirt for Under Armour Team Gear. Whether you’re working on your daily gains at the gym, sweating it out on the field, or simply rocking it because it matches your Steph Curry’s; the Under Armour Locker Tee is where comfort meets style meets versatility.


Its Raglan sleeves are stitched around the shoulder; giving you an increased range of motion and freedom to wave your hands in the air like you just don’t care. Made from durable polyester, the Locker Tee lasts longer though tougher conditions (plus it won’t wrinkle like cotton!). Wicking excess sweat that slows your game down and keeps you playing fresh, the moisture transport capability of the Locker Tee is uncontested.


This stylish, versatile, and athletic shirt started as just an idea from a sweaty special teams player; the same sweaty special teams player whose idea changed the game in athletic wear and led him to create one of the most notable companies in sports history; Under Armour. The Locker Tee is, without a doubt, the first and most essential custom team gear tee shirt.

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