We Tried It Product Review: Mizuno Dynamic Cover Up Short

August 30, 2016

Tiffany Omicioli

Making the right choice in even seemingly minor pieces of sports clothing is vital to great practice and great play. Shorts might not seem like the most important piece of sports gear, yet players will definitely notice when their shorts aren't up to the task. Whether they're constricting in the wrong places, or coming loose at the wrong time, a bad pair of shorts can quickly ruin a good game.


That's why we're proud to add Mizuno to the growing list of companies partnered with SquadLocker. As one of the world's top creators of sports-focused fashion, they add distinctive flair to SquadLocker's offerings while offering great options in sportswear.


Their Elite-9 Dynamic Cover-Up Shorts are a great example of this. These women's shorts provide a firm fit and great looks for for players in any sport, with durability which lasts throughout the season.


We Tried It: Mizuno Elite-9 Dynamic Cover-Up Shorts

What really impressed us about the Mizuno Elite-9s is how well they balance form and function. These shorts are made from woven stretchable fabrics - polyester and spandex - and are a great compromise between skin-tight shorts and looser clothing.

A good pair of shorts needs to work with the wearer, moving as they move. More form-fitting shorts are virtually always better for movement. Yet, of course, modesty is also an important concern. The problem is, baggy shorts can easily become caught on objects, or twisted in such a way that they inhibit movement.


With a 3" inseam, the Mizuno Elite-9s are tight without being too tight. After hours of practice, they remained fully comfortable and still fully functional with a complete range of movement. The synthetic fabric is easy to wash, while restoring full vibrant colors.


As the name suggests, these cover-up shorts are primarily intended to work alongside tights and other leggings which would be immodest on their own. They're a bit too small\short to be worn as casual shorts by themselves off of the playing field.


Elite-9 Dynamic Cover-Up Shorts also have a very generous waistband which allows for a range of hip sizes, while remaining firmly in place throughout a game. The wide elastic band allows it to adapt to movement, without any risk of slippage.


Additionally, Mizuno offers a full range of sizes from XXS (21" Waist / 31" Hip) to XL (32" Waist / 43" Hip), making them accessible to players of nearly all sizes.


You have a lot of choices in colors as well, which is vital for coordinating these shorts with your overall team gear style. Among the color combinations available are:

  • Black/Charcoal
  • Diva Blue/Black
  • Lemon/Black
  • Navy/Charcoal
  • Navy/Red
  • Red/Black
  • Hot Pink/Charcoal

And, of course, like all products offered by SquadLocker, these Mizuno Elite-9 shorts can be fully customized with your own team branding, to ensure consistency throughout your gear.


The Bottom Line: Great Shorts At Great Prices

When ordered in bulk, Mizuno Elite-9 Dynamic Cover-Up Shorts are highly affordable and can easily outfit a full women's team. The combination of great style, durability, and comfortable fit makes them a winner for any women's sport.

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