We Tried It: The Under Armour Storm Hoodie and Sweats
Under Armour Performance Fleece Hoody

"What can we say? This team gear takes the cake. As a matter of fact, it takes the rest of the bakery! The Under Armour Storm Hoodie and Pants have been the epitome of versatile team fashion since the turn of the century."



Over time fads die out.

Over time styles wear thin.

Over time products are discontinued and brought off the shelves.

Not here. No, not this time.



SIXTEEN YEARS LATER – Under Armour has continuously innovated and mastered this “Big Logo” hoodie. You’ve seen it; the UA logo billboarded on the front of the sweatshirt. It has been the staple of athletic wear worldwide; no matter the level, no matter the sport.

With its ever-present notoriety, this hoodie has been worn by athletes of all shapes and sizes. From superstars like Tom Brady and Stephen Curry, to the average ‘Johnny at the gym’; this hoodie is EVERYWHERE. And rightfully so!

Storm technology keeps you dry when your workout or walk to class takes you into inclement weather.  Under Armour’s weather resistant performance fabric repels rain and snow while still allowing your body to release excess heat. The no-pill, no-pull polyester outer layer will keep that hoodie looking fresh for years to come. The hands-down, best-ever, most important characteristic of this hoodie is the soft fleece inner lining. The comfort is unrivaled; standing the test of time, punishment of pure diligence, and the tribulations of training.

Though made for the ever-active athlete, this hoodie has morphed into the everyday essential accessory, no matter what the use. It’s the optimum outfit for every day of the week!


Sit back Sunday

Maintain those gains Monday

Take a study break Tuesday

Work some cardio Wednesday

Thrash the punching bag Thursday

Find your inner Beyoncé Friday

Sweat it out Saturday

But don't forget to wash it! 


 After taking the market by STORM (pun definitely intended) the team that Protects this House started making sweatpants from the same material. All the comfort and performance of the Storm Hoodie wrapped up and tied with a draw string. When the two come together, oh boy, watch out world!

Ready for anything, the Under Armour Storm hoodie and sweats are a dual threat packing a knockout blow in the world of athletic wear and far beyond. Performance and versatility tied in with comfort and breathability, this gear is the essential team apparel for every athlete. Their “can-do” nature perfectly emulates Under Armour’s mission to make all athletes better through passion, design, and the relentless pursuit of innovation. From youth leagues to the pros, the Under Armour Storm Hoodie and Pants surpass all expectations.

Athlete tested, SquadLocker approved.



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