6 Ways to Personalize Softball Uniforms

November 25, 2020


Girls just want to have fun. (So sang Madonna.) And from the time they are little, girls have the most fun when they are doing something together. What better way than softball? Girls (and ladies) can have a great time together and show off their individual skills that make the team such a great competitor.

But girls just want to look good, too. That means softball uniforms that bat 1000 when it comes to style as well as fit-for-play comfort. Custom decorated jerseys and pants that make an unmistakable statement. We aren’t just any girls, we’re ladies with skills. And we play to win.

Uniforms make the team, but every girl wants her own look. Something that sets her apart.

Sure, you can put each players’ last name on the backs of her uniform jersey, along with her number. Sometimes this is even a league requirement. But it doesn’t score very high in the style department. Thankfully, there are more interesting ways to personalize softball uniforms. And there are good reasons to consider that:

  • Personalization makes it easier for players to locate their own gear rather than inadvertently picking up someone else’s.
  • Personalization options let players put their own stamp on essentials and other items without compromising cohesive team branding.
  • Personalization boosts pride in parents and other spectators as well as players.


Don’t forget about other items for personalization!

There are lots of non-uniform apparel, gear, and other items you can stock in your SquadLocker store that can also be personalized as well as custom decorated. That means:

  • Players can personalize warm-ups or headwear or bags for a snappy, can’t miss look when traveling to away games or hanging out with the girls around town.
  • Everyone who shops your store – not only players but coaches, parents, friends and other fans -- can order items that not only display their team spirit but brand each item with their own personal touch.


Girls love choices when it comes to creating exactly the right look. With that in mind, we offer these ideas to personalize softball uniforms as well as tees, hoodies, pants, hats, bags . . .


1. Show it off on the sleeve

Some of our SquadLocker softball uniform selections include jerseys that can be personalized on the sleeve. You can put individual player names here, if they aren’t already on the back. A number of softball teams like to put each girl’s graduation year here. This location works great for tees, too, and with long-sleeve tees and hoodies you can decorate more than the shoulder.


2. Run it up the pant leg

Sometimes you can personalize uniform pants, but casual sweats, warm-up pants, even some shorts allow personalization options as well as custom team decoration.


3. Cap it off

Caps are a software essential, but long hair or short, girls and ladies love to wear team-decorated hats for so many other occasions. Personalization adds flair (and no one can snag your cool hat).


4. Accessorize

What do all ladies do to put the finish touches on every outfit? Accessorize! We’re not talking jewelry and scarves here, though, we’re talking sport accessories such as gear bags and all-purpose totes that can sometimes be personalized as well as custom decorated. Consider these options for your players as well as their fans!


5. Commemorate a special occasion

When your softball team hits a milestone – you won the semi-finals or the league championship, for example – you’ll want a limited edition cap or tee that commemorates it. That calls for a unique logo design or slogan. You can spread the celebration even farther by offering that limited edition design on non-uniform items such as hoodies, tees, face masks, totes or blankets. And the best part is, commemorative caps or gear can be personalized with your players names so they know they held a special role in that victory.


6. Go all-out with sublimation

Some softball uniform jerseys that can be fully customized using the sublimation process. You can design a look that goes beyond official colors and logo to give your entire team an all-over personalized look. A look that’s hot. A look that’s cool.


Girl-approved and oh, so easy, thanks to SquadLocker

Although many uniforms and other items can be individually personalized, that’s not the case with everything. It’s easy to learn what’s what, though, just by contacting your SquadLocker account executive. They can help you choose the right items and the right personalization options to please players and everyone else who loves your team.

Looking for softball uniforms for your league or school?

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