Digital Coupons - a Quick Guide for Youth Sports Organizations

December 1, 2020


One of the many reasons YSO admins love SquadLocker is that we make everything so easy. We know you have a lot of details and a lot of people to juggle, and the last thing you need is more confusion and paperwork just to get your team outfitted in this year’s uniforms.


Digital coupons can make your job even easier

Thanks to your SquadLocker online store, you have done away with the administrative tasks you hated most:

  • Bulk ordering
  • Pre-collection of money from parents to pay for your bulk order of uniforms
  • Tedious, time-consuming (and often embarrassing for someone) follow-up with those who haven’t paid


Your coaching staff is happy, too, because they no longer have to schedule a time to dole out uniforms to players. Heck, you can’t do that kind of thing anymore, anyway, due to social distancing requirements.

But who cares? Players or parents can now order what they need right from your store, and our SquadLocker team sends it directly to them.

And what if your organization includes the cost of uniforms in their registration fees? It’s still easy, because there’s no need to change the registration flow everyone’s used to. Instead of handing out uniforms, you can simply (and we do mean simply) hand out prepaid coupons for your SquadLocker store.

Players or parents can enter the custom code when they order, and the cost of the uniform is covered. You don’t even have to literally hand out the coupon codes, you can email them to everyone. Zip, zap, done.

The league collects the money for uniforms during registration, then pays SquadLocker to cover the cost of the uniforms. So simple. So easy. So typical of SquadLocker (just like we planned it).

Of course, we know you need to keep track of things -- who has used their coupon code to score their uniform, and who has not. But we make that easy, too. Your online dashboard tells the whole story about order history, at a glance.


Digital coupons can give a price break

Many organizations collect only registration fees, leaving players and parents on their own to pay for uniforms. But you could still give them a discount. For example, if you recruited a cash donation from one of your league sponsors, you could use that money purchase fixed-amount discount coupons for each of your players. Let’s say $10 off.

As above, you could hand out actual coupons with the custom code or send the code digitally.

In this scenario, players could apply the discount to their uniform, but they could also buy whatever else they want from your store, since the discount will apply to the total order, not a specific item.

In this same way you can use SquadLocker prepaid discount coupons as prizes or incentives – for an entire team, a select group (say, your coaches or volunteers), or just one individual. You send them the custom code to use when they purchase, they get something fabulous from your store, maybe some spirit wear - handsomely decorated with the logo and colors of their favorite league.

Can’t think of a nicer reward than that!


Digital coupons can increase sales

Not only do prepaid coupon codes make uniform purchasing faster and more convenient for everyone, your organization benefits in another way. Players or parents have to visit your store to purchase (or at least order) uniforms, but once they get there, they can see the full array of merchandise your store has to offer – all those tempting spirit wear goodies and accessories.

Who could resist ordering a custom decorated hoodie or tee or two, to round out their uniform purchase?

Right away you’re increasing engagement with your SquadLocker store. The more people visit and shop, the more branded team wear will be out there promoting your league. And boosting your revenue if you use your store for fundraising!


It’s easy to learn more

Your friendly, helpful SquadLocker account executive is standing by, ready as always to help you make the most of your admin responsibilities and your online store – the easy way. We’re your behind-the-scenes MVP, so you can be your YSO’s MVP. Someone should send you a discount coupon!

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