Need a new logo for your sports organization? Here's how to pick a great designer

August 25, 2020


Every youth sports organization and team needs a logo (or two or twenty, depending!). But not just any logo will do. You need a visual symbol that people can instantly recognize. A design that looks appealing and has the power to show your organization or team pride. Yikes! Where are you going to get a logo that can do all that?


Someone has to create this artwork. You could:

  • Sponsor a contest and have your players or staff submit drawings. Of course, you’re pretty much obligated to pick a winner and use their design, no matter what. That could be great, or it could spell disaster.
  • Use some online template to create a logo. Of course, this pretty much guarantees your logo will look remarkably similar to others out there – potentially dozens or hundreds of others, maybe even one of your competitors. You need a design that uniquely represents you.
  • Or, hey! Your cousin Mel is pretty good at drawing, isn’t he? Bet he’d give you a good deal – maybe you could even promise to trade him a decorated hoodie for his efforts.


Our advice? Just say no to these bad ideas.


A logo that looks just-OK is a waste of time

You don’t teach your players that just-OK is OK, do you? Winners don’t just get by, they do their best work, all the time. Your logo should do the same. And that takes a great designer – one who knows what makes a really cool team logo and knows what kind of artwork will look simply sensational on all your uniforms, gear and spirit wear.


So how DO you pick a designer for your logo?

  • Check out their work. Talented graphic designers can work in lots of different styles, but many tend to specialize. Does this person’s work appeal to you? Does it look like something your “people” would love, too? Ask about the designer’s experience creating youth sports logos, because these aren’t the same as business logos.
  • Know what you want. No designer can create a great logo out of nothing, they have to start somewhere. Your name, mascot and official colors, at a minimum. If you have an old logo you want to modernize or even a sketch on a napkin, that can spark bright ideas that become something truly special.
  • Think about how you will use the logo – probably for decorating sports uniforms, gear and spirit wear. Different types of items and different decoration techniques (printing vs. embroidery, for example) present distinct challenges for designers. The one you pick will have to create a design that works beautifully every way you need to use it.
  • Ask about cost. Generally speaking, you’ll get what you pay for, YSOs don't always have a fat budget. You’ll have to strike a balance between finances and work product without sacrificing style or quality. That may not be easy.


Finding a great designer who knows sports logos and who can work within your budget will likely be time-consuming and frustrating.


Forget all that!

No need to bother, when you can get logo design from the cream of the crop – for free – right here at SquadLocker. Let’s repeat that. Our SquadLocker team of talented, experienced graphic designers stands ready to create a brand new logo for you, or spiff up your existing logo. This service is free to all our customers who have online stores to serve their students, players, employees and associated families and friends.

We know exactly what’s required to transform artwork into professional quality decoration. We do great work, we do it fast, and we make it easy. Just ask your SquadLocker Account Exec.

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