The Ultimate Glossary of Terms: Online Custom Apparel

January 14, 2021


What, exactly, does that word mean? School administrators, coaches, team managers and others responsible for outfitting students and sports teams are certainly experts in your own field, but maybe not so much when it comes to the lingo of apparel selection and custom decoration.


At SquadLocker, we get that. We use a lot of industry-specific words and phrases, but our goal is always to make things easier for you. So we’ve compiled this glossary of terms, to help you follow the play-by-play when it comes to establishing and managing your SquadLocker store.


(Just a reminder, though: we’re only a phone call or email away, whenever you have questions. After all, we’re your teammate and coach in school, sports and spirit wear and accessories.


Scroll down for the glossary, or use the links below to navigate to a specific custom apparel glossary section:


Decoration Methods and Apparel Terms:

Application type

Application type is the method used to apply your logo or other custom decoration to an item

Read more about Application Methods >>



Printing is the application of artwork using heat for adherence

Read more about Printing >>



A more complex form of printing that enables all-over imprinting

Read more about Sublimation >>



Embroidery is the application of artwork using glossy thread and tiny stitches. Embroidery can support a multi-colored design and is the best option for textured fabrics and smaller size applications.

Read more about Embroidery >>


Team gear

Team gear is the official practice gear apparel and accessories (such as bags). May also include branded non-ploy items such as jackets required for team travel.


Spirit wear

Spirit wear is any item that carries team or school branding designed to show off team spirit and price


Athletic uniform

Athletic uniforms are the official outfits designated for wear during competitive play

Check out the SquadLocker Athletic Uniform catalog >>


School dress uniform

School dress uniforms are official wear-to-class apparel. Some items may be mandatory, whereas others may be optional



PE uniform

A PE uniform is worn by students for physical education, typically in private schools. It often consists of a breathable tee shirt, shorts, and sometimes a hoodie


Player kit

Player kits are a collection of items needed for team members. This may include a full uniform and warm-up set, as opposed to separately available items. Kits simplify selection and ordering.


SquadLocker Online Store Terms:

Online store

An online store is the place where everyone prefers to shop now!


Mandatory item

Like sports uniforms, a mandatory item is a required apparel or accessory that is part of a school or sports team uniform



Collections are a unique feature of your SquadLocker store. They allow store admins to group a series of apparel items that are related in style or range of colors to provide an overall coordinated look into a custom named “collection”. This makes finding and purchasing apparel easier



A roster is a list of students or team members. There is also a unique SquadLocker tool that allows store admins to upload a roster to their store or organization. The Roster tool pulls names and numbers from the uploaded list and automatically adds personalization to uniform or spirit wear for players and fans


Email list

SquadLocker’s email list is a critical tool for communicating with students, team members, families, sponsors and supporters


SquadLocker store

A SquadLocker store is the online store that offers all of your school or team’s custom-decorated uniform and spirit wear items in a single, easy-to-shop website


SquadLocker store builder

The SquadLocker store builder portion of the SquadLocker app allows store admins to browse and select uniforms, team gear, spirit wear and more in a wide array of colors and sizes to offer in their custom online apparel store


Organization landing page

SquadLocker’s Organization landing page feature allows admins with multiple stores to display all custom apparel stores in an organized and central location. This landing page is customizable, giving admins the ability to re-order for what is most relevant at any given time



The SquadLocker store dashboard is a consolidated view of key metrics regarding your store, for easy, real-time tracking of sales, inventory management, fundraising amounts, and co-manger status

Already the administrator of a SquadLocker store? Log in to your dashboard here >>



Co-managers are any individuals you choose who share responsibility for maintaining your SquadLocker store. May share overall responsibility or be assigned certain “departments” within the store


Logo bank

The SquadLocker logo bank is an archive of logos your organization uses to decorate various types of apparel and accessories. The Logos in your logo bank are available across your organization to use on whatever apparel you choose


CLC (Consumer Logo Choice)

Consumer logo choice, or CLC, is a unique SquadLocker Store functionality that allows admins to offer more than one logo option on a particular item. While shopping for apparel, consumers can choose from pre-selected designs.


Digital coupons

Digital coupons are easy-to-redeem electronic promo codes shoppers can use to get discounts on certain items in your SquadLocker store or to simplify ordering of pre-paid items. Can also be used as rewards or for fundraising purposes.

Complete guide on digital coupons for schools >>

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MVP Apparel, or Most Valuable Products, identifies SquadLocker uniform options that are reliably good quality, affordable, and always in-stock


Express production

Express production items are custom imprinted super-fast. Express production is available on MVP items


Hassle-Free returns

Hassle-Free returns policy means there are no-questions-asked when returning MVP items. This is unmatched in the industry!

See the Hassle-Free returns policy >>


Ship date

The ship date is the the date a custom-decorated order is sent from us to the customer


Delivery date

The Delivery date is the date the customer should expect to receive their order – right to their door!


Contactless delivery

Contactless delivery means fast, seamless, online ordering process that is hands-free, end to end


Direct-to-player/direct-to-home shipping

Individual ordering process that eliminates bulk pre-orders, allows customers to make individual choices, and sends ordered items straight to the purchaser



SquadLocker offers special deals each week, called promotions. These deals encourage spirit wear sales, highlight new products available for stores, and can help generate fundraising dollars


Order window

An order window is something most online custom apparel retailers require. With an order window, every person who wants apparel must order within a set time period. The nice thing about SquadLocker is that we don’t do that. Ever.


Minimum order

A minimum order is something used in the custom apparel industry to make it easier on the company who sells apparel to “batch” orders. But it’s not so easy for teams, schools, or leagues to know the exact amount, or to meet minimum orders for special items. That’s why SquadLocker doesn’t ask for them. Go ahead, get just one hoody!


Logo, Branding, and Artwork Terms

Brand guidelines

Brand guidelines are official, legal standards for logo/artwork design and usage

See how you can manage your brand with custom apparel >>



A Logo is the official insignia of a school, organization, or team

See how color affects to look of your logo >>



Flooding is an art technique used when the print design has small areas of negative space that are too small and detailed to stand alone. The “flood” fills in the negative space in the artwork, matching the garment color, so details in the logo remain intact



An outline or stroke is a continuous line around a design or element of a design that forms its shape or gives it a border, or “horizon.”



Contrast is the ease of distinguishing adjacent colors


Negative space

Negative space, sometimes called white space, is the area in a design that is area within a design that is “empty” – negative space sets off text, allows certain elements to stand out and makes the overall design more attractive to the eye



A Gradient is a range of color, or from light to dark that changes gradually



Texture refers to artwork elements that give the appearance of texture to a print design


Drop shadow

A drop shadow is a partial outline below and sometimes to one side of lettering or design elements designed to give a 3D appearance or greater definition


Low resolution

Low resolution refers to a lack of design clarity that, when imprinted, looks fuzzy, muddy or vague



Pixels are tiny dots that make up certain types of artwork – when pixels are spaced too far or artwork is over-enlarged the dots become visible so the result looks pebbly or unfocused

Read how to take your logo from poor to score by avoiding these key things >>



A Mascot is an animal or fictitious character that represents a school, sports organization, or team


Running stitch

A Running stitch is a single thin line of thread that appears as a dotted line in embroidered logos. It is great for small details in a logo, best used sparingly.


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