Digital Coupons - a Quick Guide for School Administrators

December 11, 2020


Whoever would have thought that digital coupons could be such a versatile tool for school administrators? Or that they would be so popular with all those people you aim to please?


Created with admins in mind

Digital coupons for your SquadLocker store are an asset K-12 schools are using to:

  • Streamline enrollment
  • Boost community branding and marketing
  • Raise money
  • Set an example by doing that special thing we always encourage in our children – saying thank you


You don’t have to think about variables such as size or preferred style because digital coupons fit everyone like the proverbial glove. And they appeal to little kids as well as grandparents. Everyone can pick exactly what they want, maybe even personalize it, depending on the item they choose.

While digital coupons can benefit any school, every school is different. So we’ve gathered some real-life examples from some of your fellow school administrators to help get your own creative juices flowing.


Streamline enrollment

Enrollment has enough moving parts without you having to serve as uniform distribution center. What a relief that parents can now order directly from your online store!

  • No more bulk orders
  • For most admins, no more collecting additional payment for required dress uniforms or PE clothes or sports uniforms or travel kits
  • No more scheduling a time to dole out the gear.
  • No more sending parents to wait in excruciating lines to order and then pick up school uniforms.


But what if your school traditionally does collect payment at the time of enrollment for something specific such as dress uniforms or gym clothes? Or what about students who cannot afford to purchase required apparel?

Digital coupons mean students and parents can order directly from your store and receive a discount. They simply input their unique coupon code, and the cost is deleted from their total. And everything everyone orders goes straight to them.


Prepaid coupons also work for spirit wear

There are so many great ways to get the most from school spirit wear, and some of them lend themselves perfectly to prepaid digital coupons.


Acknowledge milestones

Give coupons to new students to start their collection of spirit wear. Or as gifts for graduating seniors.


Show appreciation

Coupons make great holiday or birthday gifts for staff, they say a meaningful “thanks” to volunteers, and they’re a great way to remind alumni that you still love them (and their ongoing support).


Incentivize desired behavior

One virtual school gave digital coupons to students who registered by a certain deadline.


Fundraising . . . oh, yeah!

One school awarded coupons to all students who raised a certain minimum amount of money during their big annual fundraiser. You can also use varied discount amounts for tiered fundraising rewards.

Lots of schools purchase coupons to use as enticing raffle prizes. Along that same line, coupons make exceptionally desirable silent auction items. You can use them alone, or you can create a tempting gift basket by purchasing a couple of themed spirit wear items (a hoodie and a duffel, for example) and then adding a coupon the winner can use to finish stuffing their duffel.


No worries about excess inventory

School admins have to be sharp budget managers, and using fixed-amount discounts ($15, $25, etc.) allows you to budget predictably. But we know you’re wondering what happens if you purchase digital coupons that don’t get used. That would be money wasted.

One simple solution is expiration dates.

For example, one school we know used coupons as senior gifts but gave their seniors two weeks to use them. After that, unused codes went back into the school’s “kitty” to reward other students for various types of individual achievements.


Redemption is a breeze

Ordering from your SquadLocker store is always simple, fast, and contact-free. And using digital coupons is just as easy. It works the same as for any online store.

  • You hand out (or, better yet, email or text) the coupon codes to recipients.
  • They enter the code at checkout, and the discount is automatically applied.


In no time at all (well, just a few days), their order is out the door and on its way to their door.



You know who to call. Your SquadLocker account executive has all the answers when it comes to putting discount coupons to work for your school.

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