woman wearing glasses and a face mask trying to un-fog them

Foggy No More: Tips for Wearing Glasses with Your Mask

If you wear glasses, all the time or only for certain activities, you know the frustration of mask-fogging. You can see just fine until you put on your face mask, then the lenses fog up and you’re instantly blinded. It’s annoying and uncomfortable,...

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Why face masks should part of school uniforms

Face masks have become a tremendous source of personal expression. Their surface may be smaller than a T-shirt, but nothing says “front and center” like your face. From the simple to the high-tech, colorful patterns or commentary, many people are...

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Under Armour Sportsmask and Carry Pouch

We Tried It . . . and We’re All Smiles Under This Mask

Here at SquadLocker, we can't stop talking about the UA Sportsmask. And we’re smiling because this mask scores in so many ways. It’s got you covered at every position:

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