Why face masks should part of school uniforms

September 28, 2020


Face masks have become a tremendous source of personal expression. Their surface may be smaller than a T-shirt, but nothing says “front and center” like your face. From the simple to the high-tech, colorful patterns or commentary, many people are using face masks to reflect their personality or personal philosophy.

As Americans we applaud individuality, but sometimes it can backfire in the classroom.

Schools choose dress uniforms so that students can concentrate on learning rather than what everyone else is wearing. Clothing can become a huge distraction, unfortunately marking kids as different, and that can lead to loss of self-esteem or bullying. Uniforms promote and reinforce school culture and personal sense of belonging that kids crave.


Who needs a face mask if school is online?

Good question. After all, if each student and teacher is participating from their own home, there’s no need to wear a mask even if uniform shirts are still required. But let’s look at the bigger picture:

  • Eventually kids will return to classrooms. They will need to wear a face mask.
  • Some schools have gone hybrid for fall, combining online teaching with a day or two at school. For those days, kids will need to wear masks. Teachers, too.
  • Schools are looking for ways to include outdoor activities such as field trips or special events, so kids and parents can have some sense of normalcy and actual togetherness as everyone cautiously returns to school. Caution and common sense dictate that face masks will be required.


And let’s not forget sports!

Many schools still offer team and individual sports, though activities may focus more on skill-building than close-contact competition. According to Mark Botterill, VP of Strategy for Augusta Sportswear, 1 in 4 sports now mandate wearing of masks for play. That means face masks must be part of school sports uniforms. And that’s why our SquadLocker 2020 Practice Essentials Packs all include a face mask.


Besides, we all have to wear masks outside of school

No matter where you live around the country, face masks are now required (or at least strongly recommended) any time we go out in public. Masks have become a necessity for daily living, for students, for athletes, for teachers, coaches and parents – everyone in town.

Theoretically, you could wear any mask you want. But the most effective masks? Custom decorated to complement your school’s dress and sports uniforms and spirit wear! Proper protection against spreading COVID-19. Great branding. No distractions.

And so easy, thanks to your SquadLocker store. Just add the mask to your inventory and let everyone know. They can shop whenever they want, and we’ll deliver their mask and other selections right to their door. Simple. Fast. Contactless.

K-12 Clothing Co-Founder Deb Jones notes that “school uniforms, spirit wear – apparel generally – looks exactly the same in person and online, so it’s a powerful way to create school culture virtually.” If the goal is to create a single, cohesive “look” that represents the school, then all of the apparel has to coordinate.

Face masks are important, practical protection against spread of coronavirus (and possibly other contagious diseases as well), but wearing a random mask detracts from the branded look rather than completing it. Adding branded masks also expands your school’s spirit wear options.

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