Foggy No More: Tips for Wearing Glasses with Your Mask

September 29, 2020


If you wear glasses, all the time or only for certain activities, you know the frustration of mask-fogging. You can see just fine until you put on your face mask, then the lenses fog up and you’re instantly blinded. It’s annoying and uncomfortable, to say the least. But it’s also unsafe to suddenly lose your vision.

Let’s clear things up!


What’s the problem here?

In order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, face masks should fit snugly on your face, including across the bridge of your nose. If your mask is loose, virus and other germs can escape . . . and your glasses can fog. The breath you exhale is warm and moist, so it condenses on the inside of the lenses, which are cooler. Grrrr.


4 tips for keeping your glasses clear:

These tips will help you prevent fogging when you have to wear glasses and your face mask together:

1. Adjust the mask

Tighten the ear loops or ties, if you can. And try bending the nose wire to fit the shape of your nose better. If you mask has no wire, it’s possible to DIY one, but it’s a lot simpler to switch to a better-fitting mask.

Or try this trick – wear your mask a little higher on your face, so that your glasses rest on top of it. This can help snug the mask to your nose and face.

2. Tape it down

Some “experts” suggest using medical tape to secure the top of your mask to your nose and cheeks. Seriously? That’s right up there with taping your glasses back together when the frame breaks. So uncool.

3. Adjust your glasses

You can try wearing your glasses a little farther down on your nose, since the extra air circulation might reduce fogging. But this might also defeat your vision prescription. Your eyewear provider can help with adjustment so you don’t have to keep fiddling around with your glasses or sacrifice clear vision.

4. Wash your glasses

Lens cleaner is great for everyday cleaning, but there are other ways to clean your glasses that will also help prevent fogging:

  • Use commercial anti-fog spray or wipes -- but note that the chemicals could irritate your skin.
  • Wash with lukewarm (not hot) water and dish soap, then allow the lenses to air-dry. That works best, but if you’re in a hurry you can use a microfiber cloth to dry them.


Stick with soap and water, warns Visionworks, because other “home remedies” can create new problems, damaging your lenses or leaving them smudgy or just plain unsanitary. In particular, do not use:

  • Toothpaste
  • Baby shampoo
  • Vinegar
  • Spit


The real winner: getting the mask right to begin with

Just like different activities require different apparel, face masks also come in a variety of styles with features designed to perform best in different circumstances. These are our top 3 mask picks:

  • For sports, training and working out -- UA SportsMask

Snug and comfortable around the edges but structured to stay off your nose and mouth, so it’s cool and breathable. The UA Sportsmask also has a fabric strip across the top as well as an adjustable nose bridge, specifically to ensure good fit for those who wear glasses.

  • For school or at work -- Augusta 3-Ply Mask

Cool, breathable ear-loop masks are comfortable for all day wear and can be washed over and over again.

  • For everyday-wear -- Badger Performance Activity Mask

Lightweight, moisture-wicking, comfortable, affordable and convertible, too. You can double-up the mask, stash it around your neck when face covering isn’t needed, and wear it upside-down for an even snugger fit.


Custom decorated, of course!

The right mask fits just right, to prevent virus spread and prevent foggy glasses. But the best mask shows your spirit as well – school, sports team, or company. We’re all about custom decoration here at SquadLocker, and we’re here to help when you want the right mask with the right look.

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