7 New Year’s Resolutions for Coaches and Athletes

January 1, 2021


We laugh at making New Year’s resolutions. Yeah, right, we say. Our intentions are good, but our follow-through? Not so much.

But with 2020 officially in our rear view mirror (and not a moment too soon!), we all hope 2021 will be a major improvement. So why not make a few resolutions to do our part in creating a better year – for ourselves and those around us?

Resolutions can reinforce who we are as coaches and players, and they can make us better coaches and players. That’s good stuff!


Coaches and players make resolutions every day

Team sports is all about striving to work better together, toward a common goal. You can’t be successful unless you have a plan and follow through.

  • Coaches resolve to serve as a mentor and friend to your young players as well as someone who teaches them skills and game strategy. So you listen as well as talk.
  • Athletes resolve to become a stronger, faster, more accurate batter. Or kicker. Or shooter. So you practice, practice, practice.


You follow through because you have your eye on the ball, as they say. And that goal means something to you. You are motivated!

Here are some suggestions, to get you started. You know you can’t do everything at once because winning is an incremental process. So pick two or three that feel like a good fit. Make them your own. And follow through.


7 New Years Resolutions for Coaches and Athletes:

1. Resolve to set a good example

This is always a priority with coaches, knowing that young athletes look up to them as role models. But COVID protocols will be with us well into 2021, if not longer, and coaches can shine here, too, by always wearing your face mask and following other health and safety protocols.


2. Resolve to keep learning

Coach or athlete, there is always more to learn – about playing the game, about mental preparation, about working together. Podcasts make it easy to keep learning, even when you’re on the go.


3. Resolve to be the athlete your coach really wants to coach

The fundamentals never go out of season, and one of the fundamentals of youth sports is being there. You have to show up to win, right?


4. Resolve to be patient

This past year has tried everyone’s patience, that’s for sure. While it is beyond exciting to return to play, players have to be patient with themselves. Yes, you want to get better at your sport, and we know you’ve resolved to work on that. But not everyone is destined to join the pros, and it takes time to achieve your personal best, whatever that may be.


5. Resolve to set realistic goals for yourself

Whether you’re a coach or athlete, incremental achievements are more doable, and they ultimately add up to the biggest wins. No team is going to win the championship overnight. And no player can develop every skill simultaneously. Progressive goals give you positive targets you can actually reach, each of them a win you can celebrate with the team.


6. Resolve to look like the winners you are

True competitors have attitude as well as skills. And nothing says attitude like hot-looking uniforms and spirit wear. You’re proud of the way you handled 2020 in spite of all the challenges and disappointment. What better way to kick off 2021 than with new custom decorated apparel that tells the world you’re ready for anything!

  • A new logo or slogan that makes the point.
  • New merchandise for your online store.


It’s easy to keep this resolution because our SquadLocker team is here to help. Our comprehensive product catalog is stuffed with must-have spirit wear and accessories for everyone associated with your team. Our graphic design pros are standing by to help you create a new variation on your logo just for 2021 – and they’ll do it for free.

And if you haven’t launched your online SquadLocker store yet, make that Resolution #1!


7. Resolve to remember that sports are fun

Need we say more?


You’ve got this!

Of course you do. And we know you want to. Admins, parents and community fans are just as hopeful as the coaching staff and players that 2021 will bring real return to play. With a few well-chosen resolutions, you can make that happen. We’re looking forward to hearing about your success, on and off the field.


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Join our squad in getting weekly updates on the most helpful content for your youth teams, sports clubs, students, and more.