What Really Matters to Youth Sports Coaches

September 8, 2020


Coaches serve the needs of their players – skill-building, strategy, etc. They also serve their organization, giving it a winning name even when it’s not a winning season. To accomplish all that, coaches need some things from their players in return. Your coach’s expectation may seem tough at times, but they played sports as a kid themselves. They know that no one wins if play isn’t fun.


So, here’s what coaches really want most from their players:

1. Show up for practice

  • Every practice, not just some. Be there on time, or earlier if needed to get ready to play.

2. Work to continuously improve

  • Inner desire to do better is what drives us to sharpen our game skills and learn the teamwork and strategies that lead to wins.

3. Communicate

  • If you can’t make practice or you’ll be late because you’re sick or have a dental appointment or school function, let your coach know right away. If you’re having trouble with a particular skill or something else related to the game, speak up. The coach needs to know what’s going on with the entire team, and the coach is there to help each individual, but these things require proactive communication.


But “ready to play” takes more than player commitment

If the coaching process is to go forward smoothly and players are to benefit in all the ways possible, coaches need back-up. Putting together a winning program requires custom decorated practice apparel and game uniforms and spirit wear. It requires engaged parents. And, as we all know, it takes money and that means fundraising.

Unfortunately, when it comes to custom apparel, coaches and team admins often face hassles and frustration instead:

  • Minimum order requirements and long ordering lead times
  • Roster changes, replacements, and late registrations that happen after apparel has been ordered
  • Sorting and distribution challenges, not to mention storage of leftover inventory
  • Confusion and extra work at every turn, trying to coordinate multiple vendors for uniforms and spirit wear
  • The whole fundraising thing


SquadLocker is always ready to play

You need a custom apparel vendor that brings the same commitment to the game as your players do. One that will:

  • Show up and be there for you, every time
  • Put in the effort to constantly improve, so that you always get the best of the best
  • Communicate, proactively as well as responsively

With us, it’s easy to create an online store for your youth sports organization or school. And you get a dedicated account executive, one of our uniform and apparel experts who will coach you on the big issues and the finer details, throughout the season and year-round. You can count on us to up your game (and protect your budget) with free tools and free customization.

We’re constantly improving, looking for the latest and greatest apparel and decoration options for your store. You and your families can count on us for quality choices from brands you love and professional decoration that makes everyone look like a winner, on the field and off. But we don’t stop there, we offer free artwork assistance, too. From minor tweaks that make your artwork just-right for imprinting to creating an entirely new logo for your brand, our SquadLocker team of graphic design experts is ready to join your team.

It all adds up to white glove service for admins, coaches, admins, players and parents. Practice gear, uniforms and spirit wear all in one place. Easy access at any time. Individual ordering and fast delivery, contactless all the way. And fundraising? Piece of cake, thanks to your SquadLocker store.

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