7 Complaints About Online Custom Apparel for Schools (and Why You Shouldn't Believe Them)

January 25, 2021


Call them objections, call them complaints. Misconceptions about online custom apparel -- or a bad experience with the wrong type of store -- can keep your school from enjoying the serious benefits of an online store.

If you’re a school administrator, your work is fundamentally about facts – educating students so they are well-armed to experience the best possible future. There is no more important job, and you need facts yourself to do your best work. So let’s fact-check some common myths and misconceptions about online custom school apparel and spirit wear.


7 Common online apparel complaints (and why you shouldn't believe them)

#1: Our school sells spirit wear through a book store already, so we really don't need an online store.

Onsite book stores are certainly convenient, but only:

  • If you’re able to be there in person
  • If you’re there when the store is open
  • If the store is stocked with the merchandise you want or need – the right style, size and color


That’s too many ifs. Answer no to any one of them and your store is not convenient at all. And, frankly, even without Covid-19 your students and parents would prefer to shop online. So would grandparents, who are usually first in line to scoop up branded spirit wear that promotes the little ones’ schools. Unless they live next door, your book store is nowhere in sight when they want to shop.


Happily, there is nothing iffy about an online SquadLocker store. It’s always convenient because it’s always:

  • Open 24/7/365
  • Full inventory of dress and sports uniforms, spirit wear, gear and accessories in one place, ready to review
  • Simple and easy to find what you want
  • Click to order and pay
  • Entirely contact-free


In as little as 5 days, orders arrive right to the door, looking smart with customized school branding just as you wanted. And those anxious grandparents? They can order a new logoed sweatshirt even if they’re vacationing in France. (Yes, they’ll have to wait till they get home to wear it, but you get the idea.)


#2: We tried using an online store for apparel, but order windows make it difficult.

Didn’t you hate that? We do, too, which is why we don’t have order windows at SquadLocker.

Whoever invented order windows doesn’t get what it’s like to wrangle students (or, dare we say, parents). People forget to order “on time.” They register for school late, or in the middle of the year. Their shirt has a wee accident on the way home from school – or they grew out of it! -- and they need a new one.

We make it easy for admins and families to deal with real life.


#3. We use a local provider for school uniforms.

Good for you for supporting local businesses! Community spirit and school spirit go hand-in-hand, but sometimes ordering in person from a local retailer can pose a few problems. Is the store even open these days? No one likes standing in line during peak ordering times, sizing days (kids grow!) or limited return policies.

And chances are slim to none that your local store can stock all the various spirit wear items you want, in all possible sizes, styles and colors, let alone provide them custom decorated. You’ll have to look to multiple sources to get everything you need. Ugh.


#4: Online spirit wear always has generic logos or decorations that I'm not able to customize.

Who wants to look like a rubber stamp? Unique school branding is essential for marketing, fundraising, building team spirit and keeping alums engaged. So no templates here at SquadLocker.

In fact, along with your store you get a logo bank where you can stash up to 10 active logos at a time. Whatever you want to use is right at our fingertips when we’re ready to decorate an item that’s been ordered.


#5. The online providers I've researched don't cover all of my school's needs.

A lot goes on at school, and students need branded gear for all of it. And everybody wants spirit wear! Just as it’s hard for a local retailer to stock everything you need, a lot of online retailers seem to have the same problem.

Simple is our middle name at SquadLocker, so your online store here is a one-stop shop with school dress uniforms, PE uniforms, spirit wear, athletic uniforms, and team gear can all be under one “roof.”


#6: I've tried to use other online custom apparel providers for my school, but it was difficult for my students to figure out what was required vs just for fun.

With everything available in one spot, your SquadLocker store functions much like a department store. From the school’s landing page, they can click to see whatever type of apparel or gear they need. Mandatory items are marked that way.

And thanks to our one-of-a-kind Collections Feature, you can create apparel groupings – items that are related by style or color range, for example, so it’s easy to find and buy pieces that go together.


#7: The booster club usually handles spirit wear.

Excellent! It makes perfect sense. And at SquadLocker, our co-manager tools allow booster club leaders to help pick and customize products.

Even better? We’re guessing your booster club plays a big fundraising role, too. With SquadLocker’s simple, built-in fundraising options, boosters can save time, do less badgering for donations and raise more money.


It’s simple math

The facts about online custom apparel for schools add up to A+ -- as long as you team up with the right partner. If you’re ready to roll out a new online store that works beautifully for everyone, that’s simple and easy, too. Your soon-to-be new best friend (your very own dedicated Account Executive) is just a click or call away.

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