Schools Build Brand Awareness with SquadLocker

January 20, 2021

Christine Snyder

SquadLocker online custom apparel stores are helping schools to build their brand and increase morale, which can be challenging today as communities are distributed with remote learning. Additionally, when various departments – from alumni relations, athletics, and the PTA, to performing arts, clubs, and the school store – utilize SquadLocker, the integrity of your school’s logo and brand consistency is upheld – seamlessly.

Schools are empowered to make the year special by being able to easily manage their own custom apparel in each department’s online store. BC High has more than 80 online SquadLocker stores to meet the diverse needs of its community’s sports, clubs, and other programs. Some schools have as few as one or two stores.


Here’s what customers are saying:

 Great addition to our school community

“SquadLocker has been a great addition to our school community to promote our brand and spirit wear....The quality of the product we have received has been what we had wanted to help get our spirit wear out to make our school proud of our brand.” – Andy M.


Made this process super easy and fun

“I much appreciated your help in building this store for our school community! Especially appreciated are the artwork help and suggested logos that made this process super easy and fun.” – Sara


Above and beyond

“The customer service was exceptional every step of the way. I needed help with my logos and they were done quickly and came out amazing. I could not have been happier with all of the support - I felt they went above and beyond to help me get my store live…” – Vicki S.


No minimum purchases!

SquadLocker is awesome! No minimum purchases, regular sales, fast shipping, and a huge catalog! It's definitely helping us create brand awareness quickly! – Erik H.


Allowed us to provide a large and diverse selection of apparel

“For a small school like ours, SquadLocker has allowed us to provide a large and diverse selection of apparel for our school community. And the customer service is amazing.” – C.



SquadLocker provides unique access to high-quality brands of custom spirit wear, team gear, PE kits, and dress uniforms for all students, their families, staff, and alumni. At no cost, schools can have as many departments and subgroup stores as they need. Many start with as few as one or two departments and add other department and subgroup stores later.

Get started today with a SquadLocker online apparel store for your school community at

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