Schools Are Talking About SquadLocker

October 21, 2020

Christine Snyder

Seven months into the pandemic, school communities have faced enormous challenges with online learning and social distancing. SquadLocker is happy to be supporting school communities, helping to foster inclusion and comradery by providing custom apparel, uniforms, and gear.

Schools are talking about how students, parents, teachers, and staff are easily placing individual orders for everything from school and team uniforms, to sweatshirts, bags, and masks and everything in between via their school’s own online custom apparel store that’s open 24/7.

School administrators love how they can control their brand across clubs, teams, and alumni. Everyone loves purchasing top brand named apparel with their school logo for less.


Recent Reviews from School Administrators

Supportive process, easy, and fun!

“I much appreciated your help in building this store for our school community! Especially appreciated are the artwork help and suggested logos that made this process super easy and fun. Customer service was wonderful to work with and very responsive. Thanks!” – Sara


SquadLocker has fabulous customer service!

“SquadLocker spent over an hour helping me update my SquadLocker store…. was able to offer me great products to add to my store…offered to upload all of the styles, sizes, and colors. I am very excited to get our store running especially during COVID-19 when we can't be face to face with our clients. I think SquadLocker has great price points and many perfect products to offer to our high school students and parents!” – Kim A.


Another great year with SquadLocker

“This is the third time I've used SquadLocker. I can't tell you how many times I have asked for help. They are so helpful and patient with me. The clothes look so much better now with [a new] logo. I have continued to recommend SquadLocker to all my friends, and I know several coaches in school used it. Thank you for always being helpful, professional and quick to respond.” - Anastasia B.



“Saint Patrick School in Hawaii could not be more pleased with the service and products provided from SquadLocker! Aloha” – Soni J.


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