When it comes to your Squad, we've got your face covered!

Community masks help protect* you and your team plus, they're comfortable enough to wear all day. Numerous colors and designs let you create a custom feel. Want something totally unique? No problem, we do that too.


*Cloth face masks offer limited protection on their own and work best when used with other protection practices such as hand washing and social distancing.

Custom Community Masks
Fully Customizable Community Masks

Fully Customizable Masks

Fully customizable community masks help keep you safe*, while offering limitless possibilities. Perfect for business, schools, and teams, these masks come in any color and design you can dream up! The designs are breathable, durable, and vibrant.

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Design your own
No-Minimum Community Masks

Decorated Face Coverings

Decorated masks are now available in your SquadLocker store. Choose the fit and style that's right for you and your team! These face coverings are ready for pre-order and shipped directly to your team.

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Comfortable, and Breathable

Comfortable, and Breathable

Fully customized or decorated, these community masks are great for all day use. Community masks and face coverings come in a variety of fits to keep you comfortable.



Reusable community masks really are a game-changer. These masks can be laundered 25+ times for safe*, repeated use.

Fully Customizable


Your imagination is the limit with customized community masks and face coverings. Perfect for groups that want to show a little spirit while staying protected*.


A portion of all community mask proceeds goes to supporting at-risk communities

Protect yourself with reusable masks

Protect yourself with reusable masks