What's holding back School Dress Uniforms from being awesome?

September 9, 2020


Branding is a key reason many schools require students to wear dress uniforms, so it stands to reason that you want your uniforms to look awesome. They should inspire confidence in the quality of your educational program. They should inspire pride and school spirit in students, faculty and parents. They should reinforce your school’s reputation within the community.

Are your school dress uniforms truly awesome, or do they fall short? Something’s holding them back, isn’t it?


Bulk ordering. Ugh.

The problem is not your uniforms, it’s the process of ordering them and getting them into the hands of the students who need to wear them. In two words, bulk orders. You know the drill, and there is nothing awesome about it.

As the person responsible, you have to meet the vendor’s ordering windows, or face the prohibitive cost of ordering outside that window. With so much lead time required, it’s tough to know if you’re ordering effectively or not. If you have to order from multiple vendors, it’s even worse. You’ll just have to do your best.

You have to hold sizing days. Parents have to wait hours in line, fidgety kids in tow, to purchase in person. You'd better advise them to pack some snacks. In fact, thanks to social distancing now required, the line will be REEEEEEALLY long – better advise them to bring a thick paperback, too. Months later, parents have wait endlessly in line again to pick up the uniforms. They can only hope the garments still fit, since their kids have undoubtedly grown in the meantime.

Is anyone having fun yet? Where’s all the back-to-school excitement?


You thought you’d fixed the problem!

To relieve yourself and your parents from all that folderol, you pre-purchased bulk uniforms to sell in your on-campus store. But, as it turns out, that’s been less efficient than you had hoped. You still have to deal with bulk ordering, so it’s still a hassle and there is no chance of flexibility since you have to order so far in advance. Every school administrator and every parent knows that things change. You simply have to be flexible.


An online store puts awesome at your fingertips

With a digital SquadLocker store for your school, you can forget bulk ordering and in-person anything. You can offer everything in one place – school dress uniforms, sports uniforms, practice gear and spirit wear for the whole family and alumni, too. You can select quality garments that meet your dress code and match your style, each one beautifully custom decorated so there’s no mistaking your school, on campus or throughout the community.

Instead of worrying about what you’ll do if something changes (and the cost of dealing with it), you can simply adjust the apparel choices in your store and notify parents of the change.

Parents won’t have to plan months in advance, guess about sizes or endure an unpleasant shopping expedition. They can order for their kids the easy way -- online. They can do it whenever they want and get it done quickly. They will receive their order fast, too, delivered right to them. No lines, no hours of operation that limit availability, 100% contactless. Now that’s awesome.

You can focus on promoting your store. Switching to digital underscores your school’s commitment to customer service for families by providing a simple all-in-one solution. It will also boost sales of non-required but must-have accessories and spirit wear, building brand awareness and raising additional funds for school programs.


Awesome in every way

Now you have school dress uniforms that reflect the tenor of your school, just as you want. The right garments, professional decorated for maximum effect. You have an ordering and distribution system you can count on to be simple, convenient, fast and contactless. You have parents who are not only impressed but thrilled with these improvements. You may move to the head of the class.

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