What we can learn from the Charlotte 49ers football uniform snafu

September 16, 2020


Pity the poor Charlotte 49ers. Anyone who has ever had to order uniforms for a sports team knows that snafus are to be expected. But what could be worse than having your team’s uniform snafus make the headlines and overshadow the entire game? The Niners’ embarrassing plight probably sounds all-too-familiar.


The 49ers faced problems with delivery

They placed their bulk order for new football jerseys months ago (turns out the uniforms were coming from Central America). Loads of lead time, they thought, yet the uniforms arrived barely 26 hours before kickoff. Big surprise, says Charlotte coach Will Healy. “Every school in the country is having this issue, because of the pandemic and supply-chain interruptions. Every day the FedEx truck comes in, I’m like, ‘There it is!’ And then it’s like: two pairs of gloves.”


The 49ers faced problems with color & quality

After all that, when the apparel finally showed up was it field-ready? Nope. Local staff had to schedule an all-nighter to finish preparing the uniforms and then get them delivered. One social media post applauded their efforts: “They worked until 3:30 a.m., started again at 6 a.m. Amazing!” After all that dedicated hustle, the uniforms were ready to go, and they looked great. Up close, anyway. From a distance and on TV? Not so much. You see, it was really tough to distinguish the players’ numbers on their jerseys.

Charlotte 49ers Uniform examples

One of the ESPN announcers wondered aloud if the uniforms were, in fact, legal. After all, the NCAA requires clear color contrast to ensure easy legibility even at a significant distance. Theoretically, non-compliant jerseys cannot be worn. Nonetheless, officials allowed play to proceed. Many social media posters were not impressed:

  • “These uniforms have to be a [sports information director’s] absolute worst nightmare.”
  • “Horrible new logo AND illegal jerseys. Way to represent!”
  • “#jerseygate”


And the Charlotte 49ers went on to lose the game, 35-20.


What we can learn - use a trusted advisor!

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