Undeniable Proof That You Need A Youth Sports Uniform Expert

December 22, 2020


Your team has worked so hard to return to play. They are so ready! But are their uniforms ready to play?

Coaches and youth sports managers have to do more than strategize, teach skills, call plays and inspire athletes. You have to make sure every player is outfitted in a field-ready uniform that personifies your league or school.

They may be kids, but they want to look like pros. No one appreciates the folks who make youth sports possible more than our team here at SquadLocker, but we respectfully suggest that you need a youth sports uniform expert.


Not just for rookies

You might think that coaches and managers who’ve been part of the action for years wouldn’t need any help choosing uniforms for their athletes. But with experience comes reality. The vets have seen it all, and it ain’t pretty.

You know what we’re talking about:

· Fit that quits before the opening whistle. No matter the sport, movement is the name of the game. Apparel that too tight restricts movement. Too baggy, and it gets in the way.

· Fabrics that belong on the bench. Fabrics that don’t breathe and allow moisture to wick away are no fun to wear when the action heats up. And when the fabric stretches out of shape and the stitching starts to fray after too few washings, moms get a little heated, too.

· Decoration that says “not a contender.” Cluttered artwork and colors that don’t offer much contrast look mushy instead of sharp. Weak instead of powerful.

· No personalization. Now, who is that player again? Numbers make it easy for coaches and score-keepers to keep track of players. But the kids themselves and their parents want names! Names add another professional touch that boosts pride.


Ugh. So wrong. You need to make the right play here.


SquadLocker is your Special Teams coach

Make that Special Team Uniforms coach. Your account executive is also your resident expert dedicated to helping you make winning uniform choices.

Uniforms that don’t look exceptional undermine team pride and spirit. SquadLocker offers all types of team apparel and all decoration methods. Your store is always open, and your SquadLocker uniforms coach is always available to help you pick the right stuff.

Who knew choosing uniforms could be the easiest part of your job?!


Choice, choice, and more choice.

We’ve got style options that fit your organization’s personality as well as your players. Check out all the possibilities in our All Season 2021 Uniform Catalog. Oh, yeah, now we’re talking. Great-looking uniforms that will put the other teams on notice. Your players may be too young for the pro draft, but they’re never too young to look like their heroes.



We offer just one option when it comes to quality because we know second rate will quit on you. You need gear that will hold up to hard-fought play and multiple washings without missing a step, so we feature the brands you know and trust for quality and performance.



Every team wants to look like a million bucks, but we know you have a budget. Parents care about costs, too, because uniforms are just part of the expense of supporting their kids’ love of sports. SquadLocker uniforms come in a comfortable range of prices, for a perfect fit no matter your budget.


Every item custom decorated.

Every item you choose can be customized with your team logo, etc. You get decoration, printed or embroidered, that reflects the highest design standards and workmanship. And if your logo could use an upgrade (or a total makeover), we’ll help you take it from poor to score – for free!


Second string? Never!

When you team up with your very own SquadLocker Uniforms expert, you’ll get uniforms that are so cool you could be voted Coach/Manager of the Year before the season even gets started.

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