Ordering Options to Improve Your Uniform Game

July 11, 2023


With SquadLocker you’ve got options. You can choose the uniform ordering method that works best for you. We ship uniforms directly to each player or in bulk to one address. Either way, we can help you get uniforms done right and fast.


07_11_2023 Shipping Blog Post Images-03-1How Bulk Orders & Shipping Works

When you are ready to get started with uniforms, SquadLocker experts will help you design uniforms, set up an online store, and place a bulk order. When you place the order you’ll need to provide the amount of each uniform size. If uniforms are personalized you’ll need to provide player names and numbers. Once your transaction is complete uniforms are decorated and shipped to one address.

Unlike other uniform providers, SquadLocker has a much shorter lead time. Even with a bulk order, SquadGEAR sublimated uniforms ship in 3-5 days.

What Are the Benefits of Bulk?

√ Order everything at once 

√ Ensure no player forgets to order on time

SquadGEAR sublimated uniforms still ship in 3-5 days even with a bulk order

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Some Things to Consider?

√ Not everyone is the same size so make sure to refer to sizing guides by item

√ Mid-season replacements and new signups are easily managed. When you set up a SquadLocker store, last-minute uniforms can still be ordered after the bulk shipment. SquadLocker has no order minimums and our stores never close.

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How Direct-to-Home/Player/Student Orders & Shipping Works

Just like a bulk order, SquadLocker experts will help you design uniforms and set up an online store. What happens next is the cool part!

Once your uniform kit is ready each player, parent, or guardian will place their order in the store. They choose the size and verify the personalization like name and player number are correct before ordering. Once the transaction is complete the uniform is shipped directly to them.

Additionally, if you collect a registration fee that covers the uniform cost, you can take advantage of the SquadLocker roster and voucher tools. These tools allow you to pay for the uniforms, upload your roster and we will provide a prepaid voucher coupon to each player. The voucher code is emailed automatically and the player, parent, or guardian still has the option to choose the right uniform size and verify the player's name and number. 

What Are the Benefits?

√ Save time collecting orders 

√ Ordering the right size is not your responsibility

√ Save time handing out items

√ Save time and space storing items

Need more information? Check out our Bulk and Direct-to-Home FAQs.

Preparing for a new season activity can take a lot to organize and we’re here to help. Get started today and we’ll help you get uniforms done.

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