On The Whistle Podcast | Unlock Structure With Free Play

November 10, 2020

Gary Goldberg

By teaching people to do something, you take away their ability to figure it out for themselves.

Isn’t structured coaching the best way to learn? Not always. You need to get a feel for how to control your defender with your eyes, posture, or faking skills. None of those things can be taught. They must be felt.

Jamie Munro, founder of 3d Lacrosse and owner of JM3 Sports, says coaches win games but players develop on the sandlot. 

In this episode of On the Whistle, I talked more with Jamie about his background in coaching and why he thinks we need to balance structure with free play.

We discussed:

  • Who Jamie is and how both 3d Lacrosse and JM3 Sports got started
  • Why learning the feel of the game is valuable
  • How to navigate career transitions in coaching


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