6 Ways to Personalize Baseball Uniforms

November 25, 2020


You custom-decorate your baseball uniforms so that your team is instantly recognizable. Your colors and your logo give your players a professional look and distinguish your team from all others. Make no mistake about it, this is our team, and we’ve come to play. And win.

But sometimes that’s not enough. Proud as they are to be part of the team, individual players also want to be recognized. Of course you can add your players’ last names to the backs of their uniform jersey, above their number. Some leagues even require this. But you can do better than that.

We’re talking about something more creative.

Why bother?

  • Personalizing uniforms and gear is a practical way for players to find their own stuff so they don’t accidentally grab someone else’s.
  • It’s a fun way for players to show off their individuality while still retaining team branding.
  • And it adds style points that will score with parents and other spectators, too.


But, wait, there’s more

You can add personalization to all sorts of non-uniform apparel and gear in your SquadLocker store. That means:

  • Players can personalize warm-ups or headwear or bags for an upgraded look when traveling to away games or hanging out closer to home.
  • Everyone from players and coaches to parents or anyone else who shops your store can show off their team spirit and add their own personal stamp to certain custom-decorated items.


Tees, hoodies, pants, hats, bags, accessories . . . the possibilities are endless. Well, almost. Here are just a few ideas for personalizing uniforms and spirit wear:


1. Show it off on the sleeve

Many uniform jerseys can be personalized on the sleeve. Use this for player names, if they aren’t on the back, or for something else such as their graduation year. This works for tees, too, and long-sleeve tees and hoodies give you more space to decorate.


2. Run it up the pant leg

Some uniform pants allow personalization on the pant leg, but often casual sweats, warm-up pants, even some shorts can be personalized as well as team-decorated.


3. Cap it off

Headwear is an essential part of every baseball uniform, but who doesn’t have a shelf-full of great team-decorated hats for everyday wear, too? Personalized? Even better.


4. Accessorize

Some gear bags, all-purpose totes and other accessories can be personalized.


5. Commemorate something special

Your team won the semi-finals, or the league championship? Congratulations! This calls for a limited edition cap with a unique logo design or slogan. Even better, make the special logo available on other select items such as hoodies, tees, face masks, totes or blankets. And the best part is, commemorative caps or gear can be personalized with your players names so they know they held a special role in that victory.


6. Go whole hog with sublimation

Some types of uniforms include jerseys that can be fully customized. You can create a design that goes beyond official colors and logo to give your team a totally personalized look from top to bottom. Very stylish. Very cool.



As usual SquadLocker makes it easy

A quick call to your account executive is all it takes to learn how you can personalize your baseball uniforms as well as accessories and spirit wear. So give them a shout - they'll have your team looking great and feeling proud in no time.

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