5 Proven Fundraising Ideas for Title I Schools

February 1, 2021

Christine Snyder

Schools that have at least 40 percent of children from low-income families are eligible to use Title I funds to operate schoolwide programs. But, it’s never enough to ensure all children meet state and academic standards. Interestingly, Title I schools are generally the most hesitant to ask their families for fundraising dollars, though they are most in need.

In a recent episode of the Multipurpose Room podcast, “Fundraising for Title I Schools,” host Debora Jones of K-12 Clothing, partner of SquadLocker, dedicates an episode to providing some of the best fundraising ideas for Title I schools. Whatever you do, leverage various options, including your school community, expanding to your broader community, and having an online element to maximize fundraising.


Best Fundraising Tips for PTA/PTO leaders

  • Expand PTA membership: Host PTA drives at community centers and Rotary Clubs to obtain membership from beyond the school community.
  • Reach out to local businesses: Work with the local grocery store on a “give back” program – for a day or a week – where the store gives back a percentage of their sales to the school. Many stores are also willing to give gift cards you can use for raffles or prizes. You can also send letters to local businesses and make connections through Rotary Clubs.
  • “Pick up a plate:” Becoming the new bake sale, a community member who is known as a great chef can cook up dinner plates for $10, $15 or $20. Sell the plates to your community as well as businesses. In addition to raising funds, it’s a great way to make more connections with businesses.
  • Offer Online Community Classes: Offer any type of class that a teacher or local community member is willing to teach: sewing, art, health, nutrition, cooking – the possibilities are endless.
  • Sell school apparel and spirit wear: There is no easier, more fun and lucrative fundraising idea than selling custom apparel via your free online SquadLocker store – to your community and beyond! Anyone, anywhere can purchase a wide range of apparel with your school logo and community logo and have it shipped directly to them. Your school earns a percentage. SquadLocker mails your school a check!


One of the biggest mistakes in fundraising is forgetting to ask. And, don’t assume even low income families don’t have money to give. They may have set money aside for education and want to give. Always ask.

For more helpful tips, listen to the full episode here.


About Multipurpose Room Podcast

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