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K-12 Clothing Launches New Podcast for PTAs, PTOs, and School Staff

September 26, 2020

Christine Snyder

SquadLocker’s strategic partner, K-12 Clothing has launched their own podcast!

The Multipurpose Room, produced by Funnel Media Group, discusses the real-life issues that PTAs, PTOs, and school staff are dealing with today and offers practical tips in these unprecedented times.

Hosts and co-founders of K-12 Clothing, Wesley Jones and Debora Jones saw a lack of resources available to support school groups and created a podcast modeled after the place where these groups have historically met to solve issues – the Multipurpose Room.


Episode Recaps


Episode 1: The School Auction: How to Maximize Donations and Success

Debora and Wesley sit down with special guest, Dabney Lawless, Founder of Lawless PR, to discuss the most effective way to solicit donations, maximize bidding, and run a successful auction. Tune in to learn how to maximize fundraising to best support your schools.


Episode 2: I’m Spirit Wear Chair…Help?!

Episode 2 tackles a question that Debora and Wesley get almost every day: “I’ve just been made spirit wear chair of my PTA, but I don’t know where to start.” School spirit wear has taken on the important role of unifier, so don’t miss this helpful information.


Episode 3: PTA in a Pandemic: Why Bother or Lean In?

With schools in virtual or hybrid mode, many are asking “why bother” with the PTA this year. Or since events are difficult to host, what is the purpose of the PTO? Episode 3 explores the PTA’s role in today’s new world.


Episode 4: A Teacher’s Perspective on the Evolution of the Educational System

COVID-19 has forced us, and given us an opportunity, to rethink how we’ve “always done it.” Special guest Erin Girard, teacher and class quality specialist at Outschool, an online education provider, stops by to talk about the evolution in the educational system, what’s to come, and what it means for teachers and schools.


Episode 5: School Pods, Microschools: WTF

Public, private, and charter schools now have hybrid and online options. And the concepts of pods and microschools seem to be all the rage. Tune into episode 5 to learn how to choose the best fit for your student and family.


SquadLocker is proud to be a supporter of the Multipurpose Room podcast!


We too continue to do what we can to support our schools during these challenging times, including eliminating the burden of managing, ordering, and distributing school uniforms and spirit wear via our easy, online custom apparel stores.


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