The SquadLocker Difference #1: Check Out the GearMatching Selector

Posted by Todd Grant on Tue, Nov 24, 2015 @ 07:30 AM

The SquadLocker Difference: 

World’s Best GearMatching Selector

Who Benefits?

Coaches, League Organizers, Parent Volunteers, and Athletes

 What Is It?

  • Specially-designed online tool, found only at that helps coaches on any team to select the best gear from authentic athletic apparel brands like Under Armour, Adidas, Russell and Champion.
  • Gear selection is based on sport, age level, and gender - A customized selection of the very best apparel styles, gear and accessories for that program.
  • Self-service gear selector helps coaches choose best items to offer for sale to parents.
  • Custom logo uploading and editing ensures every team shows its true colors always… guaranteed!

Watch the Video!:


Why Does It Matter?

  • The coach is in control.  The coach chooses what items to offer for sale to parents.
  • Easy-to-use platform enables coaches to spend more time focusing on their team.
  • In seconds, the coach can quickly setup their team profile page with specific details customized to sport, age and gender with the very best apparel styles, gear and accessories for that program.
  • Brand and style matching to team profile. Teams in sports where brand affinity exists will be provided an emphasis in that brand.  For example, Adidas is a soccer focused brand with strong preference and affinity in that community.
  • Styles of products are curated based on the team profile, making sure players look their best on and off the field.
  • Seasonal updates of the best new products for every season.
  • The workflow for the coach, or league administrator, is able to select from the curated merchandise suite of products ONLY those products that will appear in the store.
  • Coaches control team uniformity and reaffirm team pride with head-to-toe outfitting.
  • Online efficiencies means less hassles and aggravation for league organizers and parent volunteers.
  • Better gear ensures best performance on field.
  • Wasting less time ordering gear means more time to train and mentor the next generation of great athletes.

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