Unlikely School Fundraising Partners: Service Organizations

February 15, 2021

Christine Snyder

Rotary Clubs and similar service organizations can be great fundraising partners for PTA, PTO or school groups. The goal of service organizations is to be of service to others, and schools need support!

In a recent episode of the Multipurpose Room podcast, hosts Debora Jones and Wes Jones of K-12 Clothing, partner of SquadLocker, talk with Travis Johnson, host of the Nonprofit Architect podcast and non-profit consultant.

Travis is an active duty officer in the U.S Navy, former Vice President of Books by Vets, a board member at the S.H.I.N.E. foundation, and published author. His humble beginnings include 36 moves before graduating high school at age 17, five foster homes, surviving two murder attempts, and getting into trouble with the law.

Through difficult times, Travis always had a person, group, or church willing to help him and his family. Now in a position to give back, he has developed valuable community partnerships and shares some of his tips to help schools.


Schools partnering with non-profits can benefit the kids


  • Learn about the service organizations in your community: Find out what organizations like Rotary Clubs and non-profits in your community have similar missions and reach out to introduce yourself. If they don’t know your school needs support, they can’t help you.


  • Do a service project with a local organization: Teaming up with a local organization to host a food drive or other activity can help to build a relationship. Chances are members of that organization may want to sponsor a school event or donate gift cards for raffles.


  • Host “Friend Raisers:” Every event doesn’t have to be about raising funds. Networking and building relationships so people in your community can learn what your school is all about can be very beneficial.


  • Get community members involved: Invite donators and potential donators to school events and ask them to follow the school on social media so they can see what’s happening.


  • Know your ask: When first reaching out as well as building relationships, know your ask of an organization. Do you need volunteers? Monthly donations? One-time donations? Supplies?


Having partnerships with local service organizations takes time to both establish and develop the relationships, but can have many rewards.

For more ideas on developing partnerships with local service organizations to benefit children in grades K-12, listen to the full episode here.


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