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Take the Advantage: Top Ten Reasons to Prepare for Baseball Spring Training

March 11, 2016

Andrew Walters

The season is almost here – that nice green season with budding trees, chirping birds and fresh cut grass. The smell of the field… the mud on the shoes… That’s right – it’s almost time for baseball spring training. There’s no time like the present to start preparing for the heart-pumping, limit-testing weeks of spring training. The sooner you start on your workout regimen, nutrition plan and goals for the upcoming season, the better off you’ll be.


1. Better Endurance

When you spend your time training in the off-season (and not eating chips on your living room couch), you will already be off to a great start for baseball spring training. From the first day back on the field, you’ll have the endurance to make it through each and every workout thrown at you.


2. More Muscle Mass

If you were preparing for spring training months in advance by increasing your weightlifting goals and focusing on building lean muscles, you’ll jumpstart your spring training with more muscle mass and more power in your swing.


3. Faster Base Running

Preparing for baseball spring training gives you a speed advantage as well. If your sprint improved by even a half-second since last season, that’s a well managed off-season.


4. Increased Arm Strength

Sure you’ve built muscle mass, but how about those arms? If you prepare for spring training with the right kind of throwing drills and strength training workouts for your arms, you’ll be ready for any kind of throw this season.


5. Better Field Agility

Feeling light on your toes? You might not be if you’ve been slacking off in the off-season. Have an advantage at spring training by keeping your field agility up and preparing with sprints, lateral drills and ladder exercises.


6. Higher Hitting Average

You’ll notice an increase in your hitting average if you properly prepare for baseball spring training. That’s an advantage in the game, and on your personal records. Keep your average up and climbing by staying in shape all year long.


7. Recover Quicker

We all know how tough it is getting back in the groove, and sometimes the “day after” can be the worst part. Recover quicker by preparing for spring training and conditioning your muscles for the hard work ahead.


8. Easier Nutrition Management

If you’ve stuck to a healthy, well-balanced nutrition plan all year long, you’ll have a great advantage before spring training even starts. Being no stranger to nutrient-packed meals and protein-fueled workouts will put you ahead of the game.


9. Better Overall Fitness

Well, it’s no surprise that you will have better overall fitness and health by preparing in advance for the spring training season. Not only will you have an advantage on the field – you’ll have an advantage in LIFE. Now that’s a win all around.


10. Your Head is in the Game

With your mind on preparation and training before the old groundhog is even looking for his shadow, you’ve got the eye on the prize. Spring may come late, or it may come early. Either way, you’re ready for it. Your head is in the game and focused on the season to come.



The distractions of the off-season can be a huge bummer (because they’re distracting). So put on your blinders to negative influences and focus on the next season to come. There are so many advantages of preparing for baseball spring training, it would be a shame not to. Keep your head in the game all year long, and you’ll be sure to rack up a higher average, a faster run, and of course, a stronger throw. Now those are some great reasons. Happy training to you all!

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