Tips for Staying in Shape over the Holiday Season

November 22, 2016

Andrew Howard

The holiday season can be brutal on your body due to the amount of goodies that are readily available to you. Getting out of shape over the holiday season is something that most people just accept. However, this doesn't have to be normal for you. There are many different ways in which you can stay in shape over the holiday season while still indulging in all of the holiday goodies.


When young athletes are faced with holiday breaks, it can be very hard for them to stay on track with their progress without access to the same training amenities to which they’re accustomed. While it can be tough for young athletes to stay on track during the holiday season, by keeping these tips in mind, they should be able to bounce back in no time. 


Cut Down on Soda

One of the easiest ways to cut down on pounds during the holiday season is to cut down on soda. When there are family gatherings, there is bound to be soda for the festivities. However, if you drink water instead, it will be easier for you to keep the extra pounds off. The amount of sugar in one can of soda is comparable to eating several candy bars. You would never see a young aspiring athlete pounding down candy bar after candy bar. However, it's very normal to see a young athlete drink a lot of soda at parties. It’s important to remind your young athlete how important staying hydrated and avoid soda can be. 


Keep Up the Exercise

During the holiday season, it is normal for friends and family members to persuade you to laze about around the house in your pajamas. Even though it is the holiday season and school may not be in session, this is not an excuse for a highly-motivated athlete to get out of their groove. This doesn't mean that young athletes need to train eight hours a day during the holidays. Finding a happy medium is a good idea. Lazing around the house and getting no exercise at all is going to make an athlete lethargic and unmotivated. A quick jog around the neighborhood once a day is a great way to keep a young athlete strong and focused while still giving them plenty of time to hang out with their relatives and join in the festivities. 


Stay Motivated by Reviewing Goals

One of the greatest tools we have in the world are goals. Without goals, it is very hard to stay motivated as an athlete. Writing down your goals as a young athlete can be a great way of keeping yourself on track when distractions arise. Make sure you are reviewing these goals with your young athlete in order to keep them motivated and looking at the big picture. A vision board can be very effective, too. Keeping pictures of their favorite college they want to attend or the professional team they aspire to be on can be a great way to motivate them to stay strong during the holiday season. 


Everything in Moderation

One of the biggest health problems during the holiday season is the sheer amount of food that is available. Big family gatherings mean that there are large potluck dinners with different appetizers, entrees and desserts to choose from. It can be very tempting to try all of these different dishes that have been brought over. However, this is something that can really set an athlete back. If a young athlete really wants to try all of these different dishes, they must be sure to pay close attention to their portion sizes. Try to fix just enough to taste each dish, rather than fixing a full serving of each food.


Talk to Your Coach Before the Holiday

Good communication between a coach and their team can make for a winning combination. Many coaches can be very strict on young athletes keeping to their schedule. However, there are other coaches that will allow for some variation in training. The overall view on training during the off season is fairly strict. Young athletes are in a very important time of their athletic and physical development. Each coach is different, so it is important to have open communication about their goal for your athletes’ time off. 


Have a Strong Game Plan

Staying fit during the holiday season can be easy to do as long as you plan accordingly. Planning ahead will help young athletes avoid the temptation that comes with the holiday season. Each athlete has their own way of doing things which is why a unique plan should be crafted for every athlete. If you plan for the holiday season, jumping back into regular training will be a very easy thing to do.



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