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Tip Fairchild: From Sports Pro to Sports Apparel Coach

July 24, 2020


We’re pretty proud of all our team members here at SquadLocker – we know we’ve put together a winning combination. But we’re extra proud when one of our teammates is singled out for their special accomplishments. Take Tip Fairchild, for example. recently published a great article about him, as part of their “Catching Up With” series.

Why Tip? Well, because he may be one of us now – our Director of Sales, in fact -- but Tip Fairchild was a star pitcher in college and then within the Houston Astros organization before he joined our team.


Injury threw him a curve

Tip’s pro pitching career was cut short by an elbow injury that forced him to undergo Tommy John surgery (named after the Dodgers pitcher who was first to have torn elbow ligaments replaced with a tendon from another part of the body). He’s still a sports pro, but in a different league now, one that enables him to use his own first-hand experience and dedication to personal excellence to help sports organizations achieve their own unique excellence.

“I still live and breathe that sports world, he says, “It’s just a little bit different stance now. “It’s not throwing a ball or coaching” -- at least in the traditional sense. He now coaches SquadLocker customers on how to use our one-stop platform to easily meet all their organization’s team apparel and spirit wear needs. And we’re not just talking baseball.


A natural progression

Tip says that when he was playing ball professionally he was “always trying to have the newest stuff or the newest look that was out there.” Players at every level, from youth sports organizations and schools on up, share that passion to look your best while you’re working to play your best. Teaming up with Tip to make great things happen with custom-decorated apparel and gear is a good call.

Tip Fairchild may not be pitching any more 90-mph fastballs across the plate, but he’s scoring plenty of home runs with SquadLocker customers. And we’re proud to have him in our dugout.

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