The School Community: Building a Sense of (Remote) Belonging Online, Webinar Recap

September 15, 2020

jennifer kovats

K-12 Clothing’s co-founder, PTA-mom, and frequent speaker in this area, Debora Jones, and SquadLocker’s K-12 Account Executive with 25 years experience in supporting schools, Karen Silveira, gave valuable insights on the subject of building community in times of virtual education. The panel was expertly moderated by Jeanne Hopkins, a marketing veteran and SquadLocker’s CRO. Watch the full webinar on Building a Sense of (Remote) Belonging.

The following was originally published by K-12 Clothing


What is school culture?

School culture is the relationship between students, teachers, school administration, and other individuals in the environment and their beliefs, perceptions, and values that made up the school’s culture. School culture massively impacts children since it is such an integral part of their day. It gives them a sense of belonging in an environment that is truly their own, unlike that of work or home.


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Why does school culture matter?

Culture, generally, plays an important role in our lives. For example, if you look in the business world, businesses with a good culture are often the ones that go on to be successful. The same, can be applied to schools. There is a body of research that shows that a positive school culture produces more successful, confident, and engaged students since they have a solid support system in place.

Similarly, negative cultures in educational institutions lead to an inverse effect on the student. Students don’t succeed; they feel ostracized and find themselves in a challenging environment surrounded by distractions that take away from the purpose of their education, which is to learn and develop. So, it is not just important to support a positive school culture, but it is also equally important to dispel any negative cultures by emphasizing qualities such as productivity, communication, and collaboration.


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